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Cole-Parmer – your technical experts in fluid handling, electrochemistry, and laboratory equipment.

Environmental Test Equipment available from Cole-Parmer
Masterflex Tubing & Pumps
Masterflex L/S Tubing Pumps
Masterflex C/L Tubing Pumps
Masterflex I/P Tubing Pumps
Masterflex  B/T  Tubing Pumps
Lab Equipment
laboratory Shakers
Stirrers/Stirring Hot Plates
Hot Plates
pH Meters & Water Quality Products
Oakton Waterproof EcoTestr pH 2 Pocket pH Tester
pH Meters, Ion Meters and ISFET Meters
Electrodes, Laboratory
Buffers, Standards, and Solutions
Featured Products
Pyrex® Brand 5640 Volumetric Flasks
Cole-Parmer® StableTemp™ Vacuum Ovens
Thermo Scientific™ Nalgene™ HDPE Rectangular Carboys
Dry-Keeper™ Desiccator Cabinets