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Specialty Catalogs for download

2012 Cole-Parmer® Baths & Circulator Sourcebook (4.57 MB) Find all of your temperature control products in one resource! From general heating baths for stability testing to circulating chillers for more precise process control, you’ll find what your facility needs right here in this 32-page sourcebook.

Product Bulletins/brochures (PDF format)

Balances & ScalesBrochure_Practum_WL.pdf
Cole-Parmer Symmetry Balances (973.33 KB)

CalibrationAdvanced Modular Calibrator DPI 620 Brochure
Fluke 750 Series Brochure.pdf

Clean RoomKC Kimwipes (164 KB)

Discontinued ItemsCole-Parmer Flow Control Devices Brochure
Sanitary and Sterile Products Brochure (359 KB)

FittingsCole-Parmer Premium Luer Fittings

Flow, Level & Valves Sanitary and Sterile Products Brochure (359 KB)

Fluid & Liquid HandlingCole-Parmer Pipettors (429 KB)
Thermo Scientific Finnpipette Novus Brochure

Food Quality & TestingSanitary Products

Heating EquipmentCole Parmer Dry Block Heaters Brochure (428KB)
Cole-Parmer StableTemp Ovens and Furnaces Brochure (579 KB)
StableTemp Hot Plates and Stirrers Brochure (Chinese)
StableTemp Digital Hot Plates, Stirrers, and Stirring Hot Plates (432 KB)

Laboratory Equipment2265.1ZH_StableTempHotPlatesStirrers_Brochure_Chinese.pdf
Carboy Rinse Station.pdf
Cole Parmer Flame Photometer Brochure (403 KB)
Cole-Parmer Baths & Circulators Catalog.pdf (3.69 MB)
Cole-Parmer Ultrasonic Processors (Chinese)
Cole-Parmer Ultrasonic Cleaners Brochure (Chinese)
Cole-Parmer LabGEN Homogenizer Brochure (438 KB)
Cole-Parmer Orbital Shakers, Rockers, and Rotators (481 KB)
Cole-Parmer Stir-Pak and ServoDyne Mixers brochure.pdf
Cole-Parmer Stirrers and Stirring Hot Plates (375 KB)
Cole-Parmer Ultrasonic Processors Brochure (549 KB)
Cole-Parmer Ultrasonic Processors Brochure (549 KB)
Compound Microscope Brochure(549KB)
Digital Microscope Brochure (206 KB)
Fiber Optic Illuminators Brochure (241KB)
IKA MagicLab Brochure (482 kb)
Nalgene Storm Water Sampler Brochure
Stereo Microscope Brochure(377KB)
Timers Brochure(387 KB)
Timers Brochure(387 KB)

Laboratory Supplies & ConsumablesCole-Parmer Connectors and Holders Brochure
Cole-Parmer Flow Control Devices Brochure
Cole-Parmer Jiffy-Jack Lab-Lifts Brochure
Cole-Parmer Lab-Frame Kits Brochure
Cole-Parmer Specialty Clamps Brochure
Cole-Parmer Support Plates Brochure
Cole-Parmer Support Stands Brochure
Cole-Parmer Ultra Flex Support Systems Brochure
Cole-Parmer Utility Clamps Brochure

Life ScienceBioPaddles App Tutorial

Masterflex Peristaltic PumpsBombas Masterflex B/T(folleto en español) (1.05 MB)
Bombe Masterflex L/S (Foglio in italiano)
Controladores Masterflex L/S de Precision y Velocidad Variable (folleto en español) (425 KB)
IP Systems Brochure (497 KB)
Masterflex Bombas em Portugues.pdf (8 MB)
Masterflex L/S Digital Modular Drives.pdf
Masterflex B/T Process Pumps Brochure (5.7 MB)
Masterflex I/P and B/T Pump Systems Brochure (1.61 MB)
Masterflex L/S Digital Drives Brochure (300 KB)
Masterflex L/S Variable-Speed Analog Console Drive Brochure
Motores Digitales Masterflex L/S (folleto en español) (353 KB)

Masterflex Pump Tubing3089.2_Gore_sellsht_0211.pdf(365.88 KB)
Gore tubing for Masterflex.pdf
Manguera Masterflex Puri-Flex (folleto en español) (725 KB)
Masterflex C-Flex ULTRA Tubing Brochure(222 KB)
Masterflex Puri-Flex Brochure in Chinese (777 KB)
Masterflex Puri-Flex Brochure in Chinese (777 KB)
Masterflex Puri-flex Pump Tubing Brochure(773.43 KB)
Masterflex B/T Brochure(6.8 MB)
Masterflex Tubing Application Guide Brochure (638 KB)

Material Testing & Physical TestingCole-Parmer Viscometer Sell Sheet (523KB)
PicoSpin Brochure
Thermo Scientific HAAKE Portable Viscometers (284KB)
Thermo Scientific HAAKE Rotational 6 and 7 Plus Viscometers
Ultrasonic Thickness Gauge Brochure(358KB)

pH Meters and Water Quality ProductsCole-Parmer Laboratory pH Electrodes (953 KB)
Cole-Parmer loop powered chlorine and chlorine dioxide sensors (200 KB)
Cole-Parmer Loop-Powered, Toroidal Conductivity Transmitters (351 KB)
Cole-Parmer Traceable Conductivity Standards (270 KB)
Cole-Parmer Traceable Conductivity Standards (270 KB)
Oakton Catalogo en Espanol.pdf (8.3 MB)
Oakton EcoTestr EC-TDS-Salt (922 KB)
Oakton EcoTestr pH 2 (609 KB)
Oakton pH Testrs (903 KB)
OAKTON Waterproof pHTestrs (4.04 MB)
Oakton Colorimeters Brochure(473 KB)
ROSS Promotion

Pressure & Vacuum InstrumentsPendoTECH Pressure Monitoring System (627 KB)
Sanitary and Sterile Products Brochure (359 KB)

Process ControlCole-Parmer Flow Control Devices Brochure

PumpsCole-Parmer Microplate Dispensing System (1.1 MB)
Microfluidics brochure
Syringe Pumps Brochure (Chinese)

Recorders & Data AcquisitionCole Parmer Data Acquisition Brochure (670 KB)
Oakton Wireless Dataloggers Brochure (695KB)

Safety ProductsKC Safeskin (143 KB)
Metal Detector Brochure.pdf

Temperature, Humidity, Moisture and Weather ProductsDigi-Sense (Folleto en español)
Infrared Brochure(1.44MB)
Oakton Wireless Datalogger Brochure

Tubing and HoseCole-Parmer Flow Control Devices Brochure

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