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Custom Ordering Solutions
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Cole-Parmer offers over 30,000 chemical reagents to meet the varying demands of clinical, industrial, or research applications. We have collaborated with world-class manufacturers to bring you the high-grade lab chemicals you use in your lab or your processes. Our diverse offering includes basic reagents, buffers, sorbents, standards (AA & ICP), and Bioreagents. Choose from an array grades, package sizes, and delivery options. Search our offering by chemical name or CAS number.

Chemical grades for every application

Not sure if the reagent you are using is chemically compatible with your material? Check out our Chemical Compatibility Page for assistance.

Grade Definition or Application
ACS, or Reagent ACS Purity meets or exceeds "Reagent Chemicals" specifications set by the American Chemical Society.
Certified ACS Purity meets or exceeds ACS specifications. For general analytical procedures with tight specifications.
Certified ACS Plus Purity meets or exceeds ACS specifications, and analyzed for more than 16 metals. For analytical procedures with tighter specifications.
GC Resolv® High purity and lot-to-lot consistency; meets or exceeds ACS specifications. Use for gas chromatography.*
Spectranalyzed® Purity meets or exceeds ACS specifications. Use for spectrophotometry and ultraviolet and visible wavelength detectors (UV-Vis).
Biotechnology Electrophoresis, molecular biology, sequencing, and peptide and oligonucleotide synthesis.
Certified General analytical procedures
CP (Chemically Pure) Purity suitable for general applications
Electronic Use Low levels of metal contamination. Meets SEMI requirements. Use for electronics and circuit board manufacturing.
Environmental HPLC, trace-organic analysis, and environmental testing*
Histological Tissue processing, clinical or histology procedures
HPLC HPLC and spectrophotometry procedures
OPTIMA™ Extremely high purity. Use for HPLC, GC, plasa/ICP, spectrophotometry, and pesticide residue analysis.*
Laboratory Routine laboratory applications; satisfactory purity when a reagent grade is not necessary.
p.a. Pro analysi
Pesticide GC with electron capture detector (ECD), pesticide residue analysis
Plasma grade Plasma/ICP, environmental testing, trace-metal analysis
Practical Purity suitable for research applications
Reagent High purity, with no established ACS requirements
Scintanalyzed™ Liquid scintillation counting
Technical Manufacturing and industrial use; general laboratory use
Trace metal Low metal contamination in the ppm to ppb range. Primarily used in digestion of samples prior to instrument (ICP) analysis.*
USP/NF/FCC/EB/BP/JP Meet specifications of specific pharmacopeia. Use for food and drug laboratories and biological testing.
*A certificate of analysis is included with each shipment.

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Cole-Parmer Brand Chemical Reagents

These high-quality chemicals offer added savings between 30-50% versus manufacturer brands and added flexibility with custom blending services, bulk packaging, and express delivery capabilities.

Custom Blending Services

Cole-Parmer offers customized blending services, backed with a quality guarantee. We save you time and money by freeing up personnel to focus on other projects and reduce the risk of personal injury by reducing the risk of chemical spills.

Case-Quantity Discount

Cole-Parmer offers bulk quantity discounts (up to 20% off) when you purchase in higher volumes. Buy one case, save 10%; buy 2-3 cases, save 15%; buy 4 or more cases, save 20%.

Large-Volume Orders

Save when you buy Cole-Parmer brand chemical reagents in bulk pack sizes. Bulk pack sizes include:
  • 20 liter carboys
  • 55-gallon drums
  • 12 kilogram cartons

Express Delivery

Cole-Parmer offers DOT-approved containers on select items, expanding your shipping options.

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 Product Detail
Acetone Certified ACS 4 liter CAS 67 64 1 (Representative photo only)

Acetone (Certified ACS) (4 liter) CAS 67-64-1

Purity grade Certified ACS,Product Type Chemical Reagents
In stock.
$210.00 USD/EACH

See all Acetone

Ethanol Anhydrous Clear Colorless Liquid Histological 4 liter  (Representative photo only)

Ethanol, Anhydrous (Clear, Colorless Liquid/Histological) (4 liter)

Purity grade Histological,Brand Fisher Chemical,Product Type Chemical Reagents
In stock.
$155.00 USD/EACH


Hydrogen Peroxide 3 w v USP 4 liter PO (Representative photo only)

Hydrogen Peroxide (3% w/v/USP) (4 liter) PO

Purity grade USP,Product Type Chemical Reagents
In stock.
$305.00 USD/EACH


Sulfuric Acid Technical 2 5 liter CAS 7664 93 9 (Representative photo only)

Sulfuric Acid (Technical) (2.5 liter) CAS 7664-93-9

Purity grade Technical,Product Type Chemical Reagents
In stock.
$85.00 USD/EACH

See all Sulfuric Acid

Nitric Acid Certified ACS Plus 2 5 liter  (Representative photo only)

Nitric Acid (Certified ACS Plus) (2.5 liter)

Purity grade Certified ACS Plus,Product Type Chemical Reagents
In stock.
$145.00 USD/EACH

See all Nitric Acid

Silver Nitrate 0 171 Normal 1 mL 10 mg NaCl 4 L  (Representative photo only)

Silver Nitrate, 0.171 Normal, 1 mL = 10 mg NaCl (4 L)

Purity grade Components all ACS grade,Normality 0.171,Product Type Chemical Reagents
Usually ships in 10 days.
$500.00 USD/EACH

See all Silver Nitrate

Acetone HPLC 1 liter CAS 67 64 1 Liquid (Representative photo only)

Acetone (HPLC) (1 liter) CAS 67-64-1 - Liquid

Purity grade HPLC,Product Type Chemical Reagents
In stock.
$105.00 USD/EACH

See all Acetone

Nitric Acid Certified ACS Plus 2 5 Liters Safecote (Representative photo only)
In stock.
$205.00 USD/EACH

See all Nitric Acid

Silver Nitrate Solution 0 1N N 10 Certified 1 liter  (Representative photo only)

Silver Nitrate Solution (0.1N (N/10)/Certified) (1 liter)

Purity grade Certified,Normality 0.10,Product Type Chemical Reagents
Usually ships in 2 days.
$335.00 USD/EACH

See all Silver Nitrate

ORP Standard 200 mV vs Ag AgCl 4M KCl sat with AgCl filling solution 500 mL  (Representative photo only)

ORP Standard, +200 mV vs. Ag/AgCl (4M KCl sat. with AgCl filling solution) (500 mL)

Purity grade Components all ACS grade,Product Type Chemical Reagents
Usually ships in 5 days.
$33.50 USD/EACH


Total Suspended Solids TSS Standard 100 mg L 100 ppm TSS Gravimetric 500 mL  (Representative photo only)
Usually ships in 5 days.
$90.00 USD/EACH


Isopropanol 70 v v Aqueous Solution 20L cubitainer (Representative photo only)

Isopropanol, 70% (v/v) Aqueous Solution, 20L cubitainer

Purity grade Components ACS or USP grade,Product Type Chemical Reagents
Usually ships in 10 days.
$370.00 USD/EACH


Acetone reagent ACS 99 5 4l CAS 67 64 1 (Representative photo only)

Acetone, reagent ACS 99.5% (4l) CAS 67-64-1

Product Type Chemical Reagents
In stock.
$175.00 USD/EACH

See all Acetone

Hydrochloric Acid Concentrate 10N Certified 100mL  (Representative photo only)

Hydrochloric Acid Concentrate, 10N (Certified) (100mL)

Purity grade Certified,Normality 10.0,Product Type Chemical Reagents
Usually ships in 15 days.
$67.00 USD/EACH


Sulfuric Acid Certified ACS Plus 2 5 liter acs 21 2l (Representative photo only)

Sulfuric Acid (Certified ACS Plus) (2.5 liter) acs 21/2l

Purity grade Certified ACS Plus,Product Type Chemical Reagents
In stock.
$145.00 USD/EACH

See all Sulfuric Acid

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