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Custom Ordering Solutions
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Shop Microscopes

Shop Microscopes

Once the only microscope, monocular microscopes are looked upon as quaint now. A monocular microscope is made for just one eye. While larger more sophisticated microscopes have moved into the laboratory experience the monocular microscope still has its uses. Portable, easy-to-use and durable a monocular microscope, such as the Cole-Parmer Shop Microscopes, can be excellent for field work, inspections and routine or unexpected applications. With these instruments you just need batteries. Just turn them on, no calibration is necessary, and begin working. Most models are cast in an aluminum frame, a small size, and rugged carrying case. Select from four models, choosing the magnification that meets your needs. Swivel-mount penlight illuminator ensures proper lighting when needed. Take measurements with the built-in reticle, showing inch and millimeter scales. If you need help selecting the right monocular microscope speak with a Cole-Parmer Technical Expert today.
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Guaranteed In-Stock Products Cole Parmer Shop Microscope 60x magnification (Representative photo only)

Cole-Parmer Shop Microscope; 60x magnification

Magnification 60 x,Maximum magnification 60x,Head configuration Monocular
In stock.
$199.00 USD/EACH


Cole Parmer Shop Microscope 100x magnification (Representative photo only)

Cole-Parmer Shop Microscope; 100x magnification

Magnification 100 x,Maximum magnification 100x,Head configuration Monocular
In stock.
$215.00 USD/EACH


Guaranteed In-Stock Products EW-03890-10 Cole-Parmer<small><sup>&reg;</sup></small> Shop Microscope; 20x magnification

Cole-Parmer Shop Microscope; 20x magnification

Magnification 20x,Maximum magnification 20x,Head configuration Monocular
In stock.
$179.00 USD/EACH


Cole Parmer Shop Microscope 40x magnification (Representative photo only)

Cole-Parmer Shop Microscope; 40x magnification

Magnification 40x,Maximum magnification 40x,Head configuration Monocular
Usually ships in 12 days.
$179.00 USD/EACH


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