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Number 1 Define your Application Requirements.
  • What flow rate do I need?
  • What chemical am I pumping?
  • Do conditions such as fluid viscosity or back pressure play a role in my application?
Number 2 Select a Pump
Series Based on
your Flow Rate.
  • C/L®- Compact/Low flow
    0.002 to 43 mL/min
  • L/S®- Laboratory Standard
    0.0005 to 3400 mL/min
  • I/P®- Industrial Process
    0.012 to 26 LPM
  • B/T®- Bulk Transfer
    0.3 to 37 LPM
Number 3 Select a
Pump Head,
Tubing, and Drive.
The L/S and I/P pump
series are divided into three component categories—
pump head, tubing, and
drive. To complete your
tubing pump system,
choose a pump head,
tubing, and drive from
within the same series.

Selecting Your Masterflex® Tubing Pump System

Masterflex® Pump Configurator
Enter your specific application parameters
into our interactive Pump Configurator
and in seconds it will select a pump system
that will meet your needs.

Components of a complete system—What to Consider...

Pump Head

Flow rate—Different pump heads have different flow rate capabilities.

Tubing change frequency—Some pump heads enable rapid tubing changes.

Desired number of channels—Pump heads are stackable in most cases.

Chemical compatibility—If chemicals spill, pump head materials are important.

Accuracy— Standard pump heads offer the most accurate, repeatable flow rates.
OEM Design Capabilities for Peristaltic Pumps


Flow rate— Tubing size directly affects flow rate.

Chemical compatibility—See
Tubing life—See chart

Fluid viscosity, presence of solids, back pressure, or suction lift
High-performance tubing is best for these conditions.

Fluid temperature—Information concerning the temperature range
for each tubing formulation can be found on Virtual Catalog pages 1450–1453.


Flow rate—The rpm of the drive directly correlates to flow rate.

Fixed- or variable-speed—Variable-speed drives enable flow rate adjustment.

Accuracy of flow rate or dispense volume—Many drives have digital speed
control circuitry for highly accurate and repeatable flow rates.

Remote control or computer interface—Some drives can connect
to your process controller or can be operated by a foot switch.

Environmental protection against hazards—Many drives are sealed against
dust and water exposure.

Purchase your Masterflex
L/S or I/P system
by components ...


...or purchase a complete Masterflex system with a
single item number:
C/L Tubing Pumps
L/S Tubing Pumps
I/P Tubing Pumps
B/T Tubing Pumps


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