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Press Releases

4/20/2016 Visit Cole-Parmer at INTERPHEX 2016 to See Fluid Handling Innovations
4/19/2016 Masterflex L/S Digital Miniflex Pump Systems from Cole-Parmer Deliver Accurate Low Flow Rates in a Small Footprint
11/18/2015 Updated Masterflex B/T Peristaltic Pumps from Cole-Parmer Increase in Power
10/20/2015 Efficient and Economical: Cole-Parmer Offers New Line of StableTemp Laboratory Convection Ovens
10/5/2015 Versatile New Cole-Parmer StableTemp Thermal Cyclers Meet Research and Academic Lab Needs
9/21/2015 Affordable pH and Water Quality Meters—New from Cole-Parmer
8/18/2015 High-Precision, Low-Flow Ismatec Pumps Now Part of the Cole-Parmer Family
6/3/2015 Reduce Distillation Time with New SimpleDist Micro Heating Blocks from Environmental Express
5/18/2015 Cole-Parmer Showcases Products to Meet Laboratory Challenges at ACHEMA
3/25/2015 New! Economical Top-Loading and Analytical Symmetry Balances from Cole-Parmer
2/23/2015 Cole-Parmer to Showcase Key Brands at Pittcon 2015
2/12/2015 Cole-Parmer SourceBook Now Available: The All-in-One Source for Laboratory and Process Needs
2/9/2015 Cole-Parmer Introduces Easy-To-Use Catalyst Peristaltic Pumps by Masterflex
2/2/2015 New! Masterflex Solve-Flex Pump Tubing from Cole-Parmer Handles Solvents and More
10/27/2014 Digi-Sense from Cole-Parmer Offers Reliable New Test and Measurement Instruments
9/24/2014 New Cole-Parmer High-Accuracy Miniature Digital Gauge Offers Budget-Saving Option for Many Applications
9/17/2014 Get Affordable Optical RDO Technology with the New Oakton Waterproof DO 450 and pH/DO 450 Meters from Cole-Parmer
9/2/2014 New Oakton Waterproof pH 450 and CON 450 Meters from Cole-Parmer—Ideal for Use in any Environment
8/6/2014 Digi-Sense from Cole-Parmer Expands Line of Temperature Measurement Instruments
7/21/2014 New Easy-View Cole-Parmer Digital Gear Pump Drive Makes Performance Monitoring Effortless
7/9/2014 New Smart Meter Technology from Cole-Parmer—Switch Electrodes to Test Water for Multiple Parameters
6/26/2014 Cole-Parmer Introduces Economical Binary Gradient System for Chromatography
6/19/2014 New Cole-Parmer StableTemp Utility Baths Offer Digital Technology at Analog Prices
5/6/2014 New Easy-to-Use Masterflex L/S Compact Pump with Miniflex Pump Head from Cole-Parmer for Low Flow Pumping
4/23/2014 Get Visual Color Measurements Quickly and Easily with Color Comparators and Meters from Cole-Parmer
4/16/2014 Digi-Sense Temperature Meters from Cole-Parmer—Precalibrated and Ready to Use
4/7/2014 Use It With A Smartphone! Cole-Parmer Introduces New Wireless Digital Microscope
3/19/2014 Now Featuring Antidrip Functionality on all Masterflex L/S and I/P Digital Process Drives from Cole-Parmer
2/17/2014 New Digi-Sense Line of Precision Measurement Instruments Introduced by Cole-Parmer
2/12/2014 Cole-Parmer Introduces Digi-Sense Line of Products at Pittcon 2014
2/4/2014 Now Available in a 4-Channel Model! Ismatec Independent Channel Control Peristaltic Pump from Cole-Parmer
1/30/2014 Introducing the Cole-Parmer Touch-Screen Peristaltic Dispensing Pump with Masterflex Pump Head
1/22/2014 Cole-Parmer Showcases New Data Logging Technologies
1/15/2014 Cole-Parmer Begins 2014 with the Release of Preferred Solutions Catalog
12/17/2013 Cole-Parmer Introduces Innovative Laboratory Instruments from VELP Scientifica
12/12/2013 ¡¡Nuevo!! catálogo Cole-Parmer 2013/2014 en español
12/12/2013 New! The 2014 Cole-Parmer® Sourcebook in Spanish
11/20/2013 New from Cole-Parmer! GreenLight Environmental Bacterial Count Systems
11/14/2013 Cole-Parmer Introduces the Latest Technology in Mixers with the Intelli-Mixer RM-2
11/5/2013 Introducing Cole-Parmer Low Pressure Drop Flowmeters and Controllers for Gases
10/29/2013 New Fluid Handling Sourcebook from Cole-Parmer Offers Solutions from Lab to Process
10/21/2013 Forced-Age Testing Bath from Cole-Parmer Designed for Beer, Wine, More
10/18/2013 New Fluid Handling Sourcebook from Cole-Parmer Offers Solutions from Lab to Process
10/17/2013 Masterflex I/P Digital Modular Dispensing Drives from Cole-Parmer Now Available for Industrial and Manufacturing Processes
9/24/2013 Exclusive! New Masterflex L/S Digital Modular Dispensing Drives from Cole-Parmer Enhance Flexibility
9/12/2013 Cole-Parmer Introduces Electrothermal Electromantle Extraction Heaters and Heater/Stirrers
8/29/2013 New Advanced Solution for Demanding Force Measurement Applications from Cole-Parmer
8/12/2013 Go-To Catalog for Must-Have Products: Cole-Parmer Releases 2013 Lab Necessities
8/1/2013 Easy, Reliable Viscosity Measurements via Viscometer-Rheometer-on-a-Chip (VROC) Technology
7/23/2013 New from Cole-Parmer: Ismatec Reglo Independent Channel Control Peristaltic Pump
7/16/2013 Complete Titrator Systems from Cole-Parmer Offer Easy-To-Use Apps-Based Interface
7/2/2013 New Powder-Coated Masterflex L/S Digital Process Drives from Cole-Parmer
6/19/2013 Cole-Parmer Introduces Eco-Friendly Waterless Bead Baths
6/12/2013 Cole-Parmer Donates 5,000 Toys to Hospital Pediatric Program
6/6/2013 Now Available! 2013 Water Quality Catalog from Cole-Parmer
5/30/2013 Introducing the PH-1 Module for iPhone/iPad/iPod from Cole-Parmer
5/16/2013 Cole-Parmer Offers Enhanced Selection of Centrifuges
4/22/2013 Cole-Parmer Expands Histology Selection, Featuring the Efficient Cole-Parmer® Tissue Embedding Station
4/15/2013 Three Dispensing Modes Featured in the New Masterflex I/P Digital Brushless Process Drives from Cole-Parmer
4/2/2013 Visit Cole-Parmer at INTERPHEX 2013 and See Versatile Masterflex Technologies
3/26/2013 Easy to Use! Versatile New Cole-Parmer® Modular Touch-Screen Dispensing Pump
3/19/2013 New Cole-Parmer® Syringe Pumps with Touch-Screens Create and Recall Configurations
3/14/2013 Cole-Parmer Offers New Oakton® Temp 9000/9500 Benchtop Temperature Controllers
2/25/2013 Newly Released! A Reference & Catalog in One: The 2013/14 Cole-Parmer® Sourcebook
2/18/2013 Cole-Parmer Features New Masterflex® and Laboratory Technologies at Pittcon 2013
2/7/2013 New Non-DEHP Formulation Masterflex® Tygon® E-Lab Pump Tubing from Cole-Parmer
1/15/2013 Cole-Parmer Introduces New Selection of Ultrasonic Cleaners
12/18/2012 All New! Shuttle Portable Ultra-Low Temperature Freezers from Cole-Parmer
12/11/2012 Cole-Parmer Releases Updated Symmetry® EC Toploading Balances
11/19/2012 New Masterflex® C/L® Pumps from Cole-Parmer Offer Improved Performance and Ease of Use
11/13/2012 Cole-Parmer Releases Enhanced Masterflex® Tygon® E-Food Tubing
10/31/2012 Find Solutions in the Fluid Handling 2012 System Sourcebook from Cole-Parmer
10/30/2012 Cole-Parmer Introduces PBI Shredder SG3™ System for a New Method in Sample Preparation
10/5/2012 InnoCal® Offers New Standard for Visible Light Meter Calibrations
9/19/2012 Visit Cole-Parmer at WEFTEC 2012, October 1-3, Booth #5443
9/14/2012 Masterflex® Tygon® E-LFL Tubing Replaces Masterflex Tygon LFL Tubing
9/5/2012 All New! Non-DEHP Lab Tubing from Cole-Parmer
8/21/2012 Masterflex® B/T® Fixed-Speed Pumps from Cole-Parmer Now with Enhanced Flow Rates
8/6/2012 All New! Techne® 3 Prime Personal and Prime Large-Format Thermal Cyclers from Cole-Parmer
7/30/2012 Cole-Parmer Releases Biofuel Series of Catalogs
7/27/2012 Save with Thermo Scientific Heraeus Centrifuge Bundles from Cole-Parmer
6/12/2012 Visit Cole-Parmer at IFT ‘12, June 26-28, Booth #332
6/5/2012 Introducing Symmetry® MB Moisture Determination Balances from Cole-Parmer
5/29/2012 InnoCal® Calibration and Repair Adds Services
5/24/2012 Cole-Parmer Presents Fluid Handling and Lab Equipment at ACHEMA 2012
4/17/2012 View What’s New at Cole-Parmer Booth #1771, INTERPHEX NY 2012
4/5/2012 All-New! TerraSpray® Rinse Station from Cole-Parmer
3/20/2012 Cole-Parmer Releases 2012 Water Quality Catalog
3/1/2012 Introducing the Thermo Scientific Orion VERSA STAR™ Meter from Cole-Parmer
2/23/2012 NEW Cole-Parmer® Rotational Viscometer Series—Ideal for Multiple Applications
2/15/2012 Cole-Parmer Hosts Press Conference at Pittcon 2012 Introducing Premier Technology
1/27/2012 Introducing the NEW 2012 Cole-Parmer® Preferred Solutions® Catalog
12/15/2011 World’s First Miniature NMR Spectrometer Introduced in Workshops around the Globe
12/12/2011 Holiday Gifts from Cole-Parmer for Scientists, Engineers, and Students
11/23/2011 Cole-Parmer Spotlights Food Safety in Preparing Holiday Dishes
11/11/2011 InnoCal® Calibration and Repair Services Earns Expanded Scope of Accreditation
11/1/2011 Announcing the New It’s Speedier
10/21/2011 Introducing Cole-Parmer® Single-Channel Flame Photometer
10/13/2011 Introducing Thermo Scientific Orion Star A100 Meters from Cole-Parmer
9/30/2011 New! Cole-Parmer® StableTemp® Modular Block Heaters
9/14/2011 NEW 2011 Water Quality Catalog from Cole-Parmer
9/7/2011 Cole-Parmer Introduces Masterflex® C-Flex® ULTRA Tubing
8/17/2011 Cole-Parmer Now Offering the NEW Qsonica Q55 Sonicator Ultrasonic Processor
8/10/2011 Cole-Parmer Releases the NEW Fluid Handling System Sourcebook 2011
7/20/2011 Cole-Parmer Introduces the Vaisala Handheld Humidity and Temperature Meter
7/12/2011 Maintaining Sample Integrity: New Thermo Scientific Heratherm Chambers from Cole-Parmer
6/27/2011 Introducing an Updated Selection of StableTemp Refrigerators and All-New Freezers from Cole-Parmer
6/15/2011 Introducing the NEW, Efficient IKA BR 10 Bioreactor from Cole-Parmer
6/6/2011 Cole-Parmer’s BioConnect® Program Offers Custom Cut-To-Length Tubing
5/25/2011 Compact Color Meters from Cole-Parmer
5/16/2011 Visit Cole-Parmer at IFT 11, June 11-14, Booth #8046
5/11/2011 Cole-Parmer Releases Baths & Circulators Catalog
4/20/2011 Cole-Parmer Launches NEW Polystat Laboratory Baths and Circulators
4/4/2011 NEW! Puri-Flex Pump Tubing from Cole-Parmer, a Masterflex Exclusive
3/16/2011 Cole-Parmer Releases 2011/12 General Catalog
3/10/2011 The New Shape of Liquid Transfer: Cole-Parmer Introduces Ergonomic Pipettors
3/3/2011 Cole-Parmer Exhibits at INTERPHEX NY 2011, March 29-31
3/2/2011 Cole-Parmer Announces Exclusive Partnership with picoSpin™, LLC
3/1/2011 Introducing the picoSpin™ Benchtop NMR Spectrometer from Cole-Parmer
2/14/2011 Cole-Parmer Exhibits at PITTCON® Conference & Expo 2011 in Atlanta, Georgia
2/14/2011 See the NEW Masterflex® L/S® Precision Variable-Speed Console Drive at PITTCON® 2011
1/31/2011 Now Available! Cole-Parmer Chemical Compatibility Database iPhone®/iPad® App
1/17/2011 Introducing the Updated Oakton® 6+ Series Handheld Meters from Cole-Parmer
12/20/2010 Compact Shimadzu UV/Visible Scanning Spectrophotometers—New from Cole-Parmer
12/6/2010 Cole-Parmer Earns Better Business Bureau Accreditation
11/15/2010 Cole-Parmer Presents New Thermo Scientific Steri-Cycle CO2 Incubators
11/2/2010 Cole-Parmer Introduces APEX™ 500 Rx Metal Detectors from Thermo Scientific
10/26/2010 Cole-Parmer Releases 2011/2012 Catalog Preview
10/6/2010 Cole-Parmer Donates Lab Supplies for Innovative Harvard Science & Cooking Lecture Series and Course
9/30/2010 Cole-Parmer Announces Expanded Line of Advantec® Filtration Products
9/20/2010 Introducing the NEW Oakton® 2700 Benchtop Meters from Cole-Parmer
9/1/2010 Cole-Parmer Introduces APEX 100 Metal Detectors from Thermo Scientific
8/27/2010 Extech Video Borescope Inspection Cameras New from Cole-Parmer
8/27/2010 Introducing the NEW 2010/2011 Cole-Parmer® Safety & Industrial Hygiene Catalog
8/9/2010 Announcing the NEW Masterflex® Pumps & Tubing Catalog
7/22/2010 Announcing the NEW 2010 Cole-Parmer® FoodTECH Source® Catalog
7/8/2010 Cole-Parmer to Feature Key Food Technologies at IFT10, Chicago, July 18-20
6/21/2010 Cole-Parmer Launches New Industrial Line of Symmetry® Scales
6/14/2010 Cole-Parmer Salutes National Safety Month
5/24/2010 Announcing the NEW Cole-Parmer® Fluid Handling System Sourcebook
5/11/2010 New from Cole-Parmer—An Expanded Line of H-B Instrument Thermometers
4/20/2010 Presenting the 2010 Lab Necessities Catalog from Cole-Parmer
4/20/2010 Versatile i-LAB® Handheld Spectrometers—New from Cole-Parmer
4/14/2010 Cole-Parmer Announces Automatic Tax Calculation for Online Purchases
3/29/2010 Cole-Parmer Exhibits at INTERPHEX NY 2010, April 20-22
3/16/2010 NEW 2010 Cole-Parmer® Water Quality Catalog
3/15/2010 The Latest in Digital USB Microscopes from Cole-Parmer
2/25/2010 Introducing the NEW Oakton® pH 700 Benchtop Meter from Cole-Parmer
1/26/2010 Introducing the NEW 2010 Cole-Parmer® Preferred Solutions® Catalog
1/8/2010 Masterflex® L/S® Digital Pump Drives Showcased at PITTCON® Conference and Expo February 28–March 5
1/8/2010 Cole-Parmer Exhibits at the 61st Annual PITTCON® Conference in Orlando, Florida
11/30/2009 New Chemical Safety Guide on
11/30/2009 Announcing the NEW Masterflex® Encyclopedia Vol. 4
10/15/2009 Introducing the NEW Cole-Parmer® Life Science Products & Solutions Catalog
3/30/2009 NEW 2009 Cole-Parmer® Water Quality Catalog
3/4/2009 NEW Cole-Parmer® Fittings, Tubing, Valves & Flowmeters Catalog
2/23/2009 Cole-Parmer introduces NEW Ultrasonic Hybrid Doppler/Transit Time Flowmeters
2/16/2009 Micronit Lab-on-Chip Products available now from Cole-Parmer
2/9/2009 Cole-Parmer exhibits at the 60th Annual PITTCON® Conference in Chicago, Illinois
2/6/2009 NEW Spring 2009 Cole-Parmer® Preferred Solutions® Catalog
2/4/2009 NEW 2009 Cole-Parmer® Mixers Catalog
2/2/2009 NEW Cole-Parmer® Picoliter Syringe Pump
12/15/2008 NEW Masterflex® Solve-Flex™ Pump Tubing
12/12/2008 New Masterflex® B/T® Process Tubing Pumps
9/1/2008 NEW Oakton® Waterproof EcoTestr™ pH 2 Pocket Meter
8/25/2008 Masterflex® L/S® Digital Pump Drives
8/25/2008 Introducing the NEW 2009/10 Cole-Parmer® General Catalog
8/4/2008 NEW Cole-Parmer® Polystat® Circulating Baths
3/14/2008 Oakton® Waterproof Multiparameter Testr™ 35-series Meters
2/5/2008 New Cole-Parmer® Symmetry® Balances
11/14/2007 Flowmeters with Leak-Free Control for Oxygen and Air in Clinical Use
11/14/2007 New Precision Turbine Flowmeters
10/8/2007 Cole-Parmer® Two-Channel Electronic Paperless Recorders
8/4/2007 New Oakton® PCD 650 Waterproof Multiparameter Meter
5/10/2007 Cole-Parmer Roto-Torque® Rotator
5/10/2007 New StableTemp® Stirrers, Hot Plates, and Stirring Hot Plates
2/20/2007 Cole-Parmer® Remote-Mount Control Flowmeters
2/2/2007 Masterflex® C/L® Pump Offers Improved Performance and Ease of Use
1/8/2007 Masterflex® PharmaPure® Tubing
1/8/2007 Cole-Parmer® Premium Luer Fittings
9/28/2006 New Cole-Parmer®-Brand Plasticware
9/14/2006 Cole-Parmer® Digital Reversing Mixer With Remote
9/7/2006 New Masterflex® B/T® Process Tubing Pumps
9/5/2006 Cole-Parmer® Traceable® Conductivity Calibration Standards
8/1/2006 BioConnect™ Custom Disposable Bioprocess Assemblies
7/20/2006 Cole-Parmer® Impact-Resistant Polycarbonate Flowmeters
7/20/2006 Cole-Parmer® Wide-View™ Analog Panel Meters
6/2/2006 Masterflex® Chem-Durance™ Tubing
3/29/2006 NEW Cole-Parmer® Symmetry™ E-Series Balances
3/29/2006 NEW Cole-Parmer® Symmetry™ P-Series Balances
3/20/2006 New Cole-Parmer Symmetry™ Balances
3/1/2006 Oakton® pHTestr® Basic
3/1/2006 Oakton® pH 600 Waterproof Handheld Meters
11/10/2005 Economical Conductivity Monitor and Monitor/Controller
9/7/2005 Economical Eutech pH Monitor and Controller
6/15/2005 Oakton T-100 Waterproof Turbidimeter
5/26/2005 Oakton® Big-Display SaltTestr™
5/26/2005 Cole-Parmer® Metrology Earns ISO Accreditation for Glass Thermometers
5/26/2005 Oakton® C401 Colorimeter
4/19/2005 Oakton® Big-Display ECTestrs / TDSTestrs
2/11/2005 New Digi-Sense® Palm-Sized Infrared Thermometer
1/28/2005 Masterflex® Releases New Tubing Test Kit
1/15/2005 New Digi-Sense® IR Thermometer with Type K Input
11/4/2004 New Masterflex® I/P® Brushless Process Drives
11/3/2004 New Masterflex® L/S® Easy-Load 3 Pump Head
9/24/2004 Cole-Parmer Introduces New Dow Corning® Pharma® Tubing
9/23/2004 New Non-Spill Coupling Saves Time and Money
9/13/2004 New PVC Solvent Autoanalysis Tubing
9/10/2004 New Oakton® InfraPro® Series of IR Thermometers!
9/9/2004 New Oakton® NIST-Traceable Stopwatch
9/9/2004 New CheckPoint O2/CO2 Headspace Analyzer
9/9/2004 New Irreversible Low-Temperature Indicators
9/9/2004 New Digi-Sense® Type K Thermocouple Thermometer
9/9/2004 New Line of Digi-Sense® Thermocouple Wire
9/8/2004 New Digi-Sense® Custom Temperature Probe Program
9/3/2004 New Pre-Assembled Cooling Tower Control Systems for Water Treatment Needs
9/3/2004 New Batch Control Drum Pump Systems
8/27/2004 New Automated Production-Scale Filling Systems
8/25/2004 Eutech 2000D Differential pH Controller
8/8/2004 Cole-Parmer Introduces New Air Coolers Product Line
8/5/2004 Cole-Parmer Offers Ultrasonic Flowmeters for Micro-Flow Applications
8/3/2004 High-Speed, Magnetically Coupled Rotary Vane Pump
8/3/2004 New Oakton® pH Spear
8/3/2004 New, Low-Cost Dry Vacuum Piston Pump
8/1/2004 Cole-Parmer Now Carries B&K Precision® DC Power Supplies
8/1/2004 Cole-Parmer Offers CoolCube™ Hit-and-Hold Circuit
8/1/2004 Cole-Parmer® Duplex Chemical Feed Pump Systems
8/1/2004 New Flexelene™ Silver Antimicrobial Protected Tubing
8/1/2004 New Antimicrobial Plastic Fittings
8/1/2004 New Aseptic Sampling Products for Biotech and Pharmaceutical Applications
7/30/2004 NEW Humidifier/Dehumidifier Product Offering
7/29/2004 New Line of Digi-Sense® Thermistor Probes
7/29/2004 New Cole-Parmer® Air Cadet PRO™ Offers High Flow Rates and Low Vacuum
7/29/2004 Cole-Parmer Now Carries Omron® Power Supplies, Safety Light Curtains, and Temperature Controllers
7/29/2004 New Oakton® Food Safety Thermometer
7/25/2004 Cole-Parmer Offers New Small-Scale Vortex Flowmeters
7/24/2004 Cole-Parmer® Metrology Expands NIST-Traceable Flow Services
7/24/2004 New Universal Module for Mass Flow Controllers
7/24/2004 NEW Masterflex® L/S® Compact Pump Offers Repeatable Flow Rates and Quick Set Up
7/24/2004 Cole-Parmer Partners With KROHNE® to Sell Coriolis Mass Meters
7/17/2004 New Online Pump Masterflex® I/P® Multichannel Tubing Pumps Handle Viscous and Challenging Fluids
7/14/2004 Self-Sealing Float Switch
7/14/2004 New, Flexible Fluoro-Elastomer Tubing
7/12/2004 New Complete-System Drum Pumps
7/8/2004 New Online Pump Configurator Makes Masterflex® Pump Selection Easy!
7/8/2004 Solenoid Pinch Valves Designed for Masterflex® Tubing
6/16/2004 Oakton Wireless Datalogger Transmitting System
6/15/2004 Cole-Parmer Introduces New Overhead Sanitary Mixers
6/15/2004 Cole-Parmer Now Offers Steam Handling Equipment from Spirax Sarcor
5/26/2004 The NEW DO 2000 Advanced Controller from Eutech Instruments
5/16/2004 New Oakton® Basic CON 11 and Advanced CON 110 Conductivity and Temperature Meters
5/16/2004 Cole-Parmer Introduces a NEW Automation Control Product Line
5/15/2004 New CON 2000 Advanced Conductivity Controller
5/7/2004 NEW Oakton® DO 6 Dissolved Oxygen Meter
5/6/2004 NEW Digi-Sense Thermohygrometers with Dew Point
5/5/2004 Cole-Parmer Introduces NEW Load Cell Product Line
5/1/2004 New FlowMarker Fog Generator
4/26/2004 NEW Oakton® Basic pH 11 and Advanced pH 110 pH/mV/Temperature Meters
4/25/2004 Introducing the NEW Oakton® pH Simulator
4/24/2004 NEW Oakton® ORPTestr® 10 Pocket-Sized Meter
4/20/2004 NEW Oakton® Mini TempTestr® IR Thermometer
4/20/2004 Masterflex® L/S® and I/P® Stainless Steel Digital Drives Stand Up to Demanding Lab or Process Environments
4/14/2004 NEW Masterflex® L/S® Multichannel Pump Heads
4/5/2004 Oakton® pHTestr® Product Line Undergoes Redefining Upgrade!