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Testimonials and Customer Feedback

99.97% Customer satisfaction on our Tech advise and product recommendations. Here is what they have to say:

Open Quotation I was extremely satisfied with the level of professionalism I received from Jennifer. Your company no longer carries the thermometer that I purchased from you about five years ago, but she went above and beyond in my opinion to find another company that did. I will continue to use your service knowing you have employee's like Jennifer that will help me find a solution to my requirements. Close Quotation
– Dave, Quality Engineer

Open Quotation Jose was very knowledgable about issues reguarding problems with our 1970's incubator. Whenever he did not know a specific answer, he did not hesitate to obtain assistance. When I inquired about pricing for parts to fix our incubator he researched pricing and gave us a general idea of the cost to repair vs. the cost to purchase a new unit. His assistance was greatly appreciated and helpful. Close Quotation

– Susan, Biology Lab Technician III

Open Quotation There is not much I can say here. This was the best customer service I think I ever had. Both women were very friendly and knowledgeable. I will use Cole-Parmer again. Close Quotation

Open Quotation I thought the technical support was great. My question was answered and problem resolved. In this specific case, the information and products that I was requesting support for turned out not to be required based on a change in operating plans. Having said that I will be using Cole-Parmer in the future because the service was so good. Close Quotation

Open Quotation It was just nice to deal with a Technical Rep who took the time to research my technical question. It was refreshing especially dealing with such a large Company, Close Quotation

Open Quotation Customer service handled the call, and determined that Tech Support could assist with the backorder problem. Jen came on the line, evaluated the situation, suggested two alternatives, emailed the alternatives, I checked with my guys, responded with the change, and PRESTO - all is well in my world - the scientists are happy and Jen made my day! Thanks Jen. Close Quotation

Open Quotation I was very impressed with your Technical Reps ability to understand complicated fitting transitions as well as her product knowledge. Great employee to have, wish more could be as bright as her. Close Quotation

Open Quotation He was very knowledgeable and answered my questions and even questions I didn’t know I should of needed to ask and I bought the best product for my application and saved me a bunch of time wasted and money should I have bought the wrong product. Kudos to him and Cole-Parmer. Close Quotation

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