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Conversions and Technical Data
Water Purification
Describes available filtration technologies and their applications
Dec 28 2010 1:40PM

Conversions and Technical Data
Chemical Compatibility Chart for Safety Apparel
Average breakthrough time for common solvents and chemicals against safety apparel materials
Sep 25 2009 4:31PM

Conversions and Technical Data
Universal Pattern Guide for AC Power Plugs/Sockets
Pictures of common electrical receptacles used throughout the world
Nov 14 2008 11:31AM

Articles and White Papers
Pump Head Torque Requirements
Drive torque requirements for Easy-Load II and PTFE pumps heads with various tubing
Apr 9 2008 5:22PM

Conversions and Technical Data
Physical Properties of Plastics
Technical specifications on the plastic labware sold by Cole-Parmer
Apr 9 2008 5:22PM

Articles and White Papers
Pump Head Torque Requirements
Technical data on the drive's torque requirements for Masterflex pumps heads
Apr 9 2008 5:06PM

Conversions and Technical Data
Temperature Compatibility Guidelines for Centrifuge Tubes and Bottles
Chart of characteristics of centrifuge tubes and bottles at low and high temperatures as well as autoclave conditions
Apr 3 2008 1:49PM

Conversions and Technical Data
Conductivity Values µS/cm at 77°F (25°C)
Conductivity values of common acids and bases at 77 degrees Fahrenheit
Nov 17 2006 11:11AM

Conversions and Technical Data
Viscosity Conversion Factors
Conversion factors and equations to convert between common viscosity units
Aug 25 2006 10:25AM

Conversions and Technical Data
IEC 320 Modular Power Cords and Plugs
Modular power cords allow the the same unit to be used in multiple countries by simply switching the cord
Aug 25 2006 10:25AM

Conversions and Technical Data
L/S® Pump Head Flow Performance
Masterflex L/S Pump Head flow versus RPM curves
Aug 25 2006 10:26AM

Conversions and Technical Data
Bath and Circulator Specifications Terminology
Overview of the terminology used in specifying baths and circulators
Aug 25 2006 10:25AM

Conversions and Technical Data
Relation of Pressure to Elevation
Equations to relate liquid height to pressure
Aug 25 2006 10:26AM

Articles and White Papers
Fluid Fundamentals
Graphical and mathematical definitions of terminology used in describing fluids
Aug 25 2006 10:25AM

Conversions and Technical Data
Masterflex® L/S® Tubing Life Characteristics
Average tubing life versus motor rpm for selected Masterflex tubing formulations
Aug 25 2006 10:26AM

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