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Watch: An overview of gear pump technology with its advantages and limitations, as well as a discussion of some of the applications most appropriately handled by gear pumps.

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Articles and White Papers
pH Electrode Selection Guide
This article is a comprehensive guide to different considerations when selecting a pH electrode for your application.
Mar 14 2013 8:17AM

Articles and White Papers
Spectroscopy Applications Selection Guide
Spectrometers, or spectrophotometers, are analytical instruments used to identify or confirm the chemical species, chemical structure, or concentration of substances in a sample.
Mar 13 2013 4:43PM

Articles and White Papers
Selecting a Balance or Scale
Select the best balance for your application by searching by necessary specifications
Mar 12 2013 12:00AM

Articles and White Papers
Selecting Eye Protection for the Workplace
Employees are exposed to various hazards every day in the workplace. Determine which hazards can cause harm and what the correct eye protection is to help avoid an injury.
Oct 5 2012 10:22AM

Product Selection Guide
Pumping Solutions: Enhancing Operations with the Right Pump
Different pump types offer distinct functionality and sometimes choosing the correct pump or pump system can make all the difference in enhancing efficiency.
Apr 13 2012 1:25PM

Articles and White Papers
Oxygen Meter Selection Guide
Selection criteria for selecting a DO meter and tips for achieving good results with your DO meter
Feb 10 2010 4:48PM

Product Selection Guide
Ensuring NIST Traceability of your Instrument Calibrations
Bill Hirt, manager of ACLASS Accreditation Services, talks about the nuances of NIST-traceability and what to look for in a metrology lab.
Feb 1 2010 2:41PM

Articles and White Papers
Stirrers and Hot Plates Selection Guide
Important terminology and factors in selecting a hot plater or stirrer
Sep 25 2009 4:31PM

Product Selection Guide
Ultrasonic Homogenizer Selection Guide
Background information on ultrasonic processing and considerations in choosing an ultrasonic cleaner
Sep 25 2009 4:31PM

Articles and White Papers
Fittings Selection Guide
Information on the different types of fittings that Cole-Parmer offers and factors to consider when choosing them
Sep 25 2009 4:31PM

Articles and White Papers
pH Electrode Selection Guide
Breaks down the choices in choosing a new pH electrode
Sep 25 2009 4:31PM

Articles and White Papers
pH/ORP Control Systems Selection Guide
Terminology used in specifying pH controllers and equipment necessary to make a complete pH control system
Sep 25 2009 4:31PM

Product Selection Guide
Positive Displacement Pump Types
Overview of the different types of liquid pumps and their characteristics
Sep 25 2009 4:31PM

Product Selection Guide
How to Read a Pump Curve
Information on interpreting liquid pump curves and technical equations to predict pump behavior
Sep 25 2009 4:31PM

Articles and White Papers
Peristaltic Tubing Pumps in Dispensing Applications
Summarizes the advantages of using peristaltic pumps in dispensing applications
Sep 25 2009 4:31PM

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