James, Technical Support Specialist

Ask the Tech Expert: James

If you’re using a pen-style pH meter and getting inaccurate readings, you may want to talk to James. As a technical support team member, James did some troubleshooting for a panicked customer. He discovered the…

Hydraulically Actuated Diaphragm Pump, PVC and PTFE Wetted End

Why Use a Diaphragm Pump?

Diaphragm pumps are popular in industrial applications such as chemical dosing. They have a long history of use in water and wastewater treatment and can also be found in food processing, pharmaceutical, and petroleum operations….

Environmental Express® FilterMate®

Analyzing Samples for Metals (Part Two)

Manufacturers with NPDES permits must detect and quantify specified metals on a regular basis. In part one, we detailed the process of metals digestion. What happens next? The Process: Post Digestion Filtration After digestion, samples…

Cast Iron Float/Thermostatic Steam Trap

Remove Condensation from Your Lab

Steam traps discharge condensate to provide greater efficiency in your lab. Essentially steam traps operate as valves to prevent valuable steam from being wasted, yet remove the unnecessary condensate. Generally, steam traps are energy-efficient and…

Sterilized Sampling Bottle Assembly

4 Essential Products for Biopharma

Processes in the biopharma industry must be sterile, precise, and validated. With the specialized needs of biopharma, product selection is critical. Here are four that have resonated with users: Safely transfer, sample, and store biopharmaceutical…