Selecting your Masterflex Tubing Pump System

There are three components in a complete Masterflex® Tubing Pump System. View below to see how these work together and what to consider for each:

Masterflex® Tubing Pump System

Masterflex® Tubing Pump System

Pump Head:

  • Flow rate—Different pump heads have different flow rate capabilities
  • Tubing change frequency—Some pump heads enable rapid tubing changes
  • Desired number of channels—Pump heads are stackable in most cases
  • Chemical compatibility—If chemicals spill, pump head materials become important
  • Accuracy—Standard pump heads offer the most accurate, repeatable flow rates


  • Flow rate—Tubing size directly affects flow rate
  • Chemical compatibility
  • Tubing life
  • Fluid viscosity, presence of solids, back pressure, or suction lift—High-performance tubing is best for these conditions
  • Fluid temperature


  • Flow rate—The rpm of the drive directly correlates to flow rate
  • Fixed- or variable-speed—Variable-speed drives enable flow rate adjustment
  • Accuracy of flow rate or dispense volume—Many drives have digital speed control circuitry for highly accurate and repeatable flow rates
  • Remote control or computer interface—Some drives can connect to your process controller or can be operated by a foot switch
  • Environmental protection against hazards—Many drives are sealed against dust and water exposure

 The Complete Masterflex® System:

The Complete Masterflex® System

The Complete Masterflex® System

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