Plastic vs. Glass Carboys


Carboys are typically used to store liquids, chemicals, solvents, or corrosive fluids. Often used in labs and industry, sometimes they are chosen for home brewing uses as well.

Plastic or Glass Carboys?

The question becomes, depending on your specific application, which is better—plastic or glass?When choosing a carboy, keep in mind chemical compatibility and FDA-compliance, if needed. Capacities vary. Choose the largest capacity you are likely to need (or order multiples to reach that capacity).

 Advantages of Plastic

 Disadvantages of Plastic


Scratch easily


Tough to clean

Generally used


 Advantages of Glass

 Disadvantages of Glass

Easier to clean


Less prone to contamination

Heavy to carry

Carboy styles include square/rectangular, UN-Approved, round, and heavy-duty vacuum that withstand full vacuum applications. Available accessories include filling/venting caps, racks, faucets, and replacement spigots.

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