Meet Rishi: Our Technical Experts Are Ready to Assist You

Rishi Technical Support Expert

As one of our members of the technical support team, Rishi likes the unexpected. In responding to customer questions, “You never know what is going to be asked,” he said. “You could be helping with an important element of research or an elaborate experiment.”

For instance, one customer needed product selection assistance. “He asked me to help him pick out a small vacuum pump. He was using it to develop a berry-picking robot,” said Rishi. We’re not sure what happened with this invention but Rishi enjoyed contributing to the process.

Using his lab experience and background in biological sciences, Rishi provides compliance information, troubleshooting assistance, and help in selecting application-specific products. The difference between a good product fit and an ideal fit can be startling. It can improve productivity and enhance process efficiency. With infrared thermometers, a favorite category of Rishi’s, it can mean having the features and functionality you need to complete the task.

While he spends his days supporting customers on the technical support team, it’s not the only team Rishi is on. “I am in a softball league, a bowling league, a basketball team—I play just about any sport out there,” he said.

Have a question or need help selecting a product? Rishi and our team of technical experts are ready to respond. Call 1-800-323-4340.

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