Environmental Express® Reliable Air, Water, and Soil Testing Solutions

air testing solutions

Air Testing Solutions

Ensuring indoor air quality for occupational health and personal safety is of the utmost importance with today’s dynamic environmental conditions. As an established provider of air sampling and air quality assessment solutions our goal is to supply customers with a reliable toolset enabling them to generate consistent accurate results across all air testing activities. Building from legacy air sampling brands such as Zefon, we have established our reputation as dependable resource for easy to use products with unmatched quality, available at a moment’s notice. Review our product listing to learn more.

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water testing solutions

Water Testing Solutions

Monitoring samples for adherence to environmental water regulations is essential to the protection of public and environmental health. For laboratories, the management of sample analysis processes can impact quality and accuracy of results and in turn our safety. Across the sample journey from collection to analysis reports, we provide solutions to efficiently manage water sample testing schedules while ensuring compliant measurement day in day out. Our extensive range of products support common required testing areas with easy to implement tools that help reduce testing workloads while ultimately lowering lab operation costs.

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soil testing solutions

Soil Testing Solutions

Analysis of soil and solid-waste are perhaps the most challenging sample matrices labs work with today. Various compositions and contaminants further complicate labs ability to adhere to regulatory requirements and obtain reproducible accurate results in a timely manner. Environmental Express products address these challenges with innovative solutions that avoid pitfalls of older techniques. Extractions and automation intended specifically for solid samples ensure thorough evaluations with minimal error while reducing costly staff allocation for lengthy antiquated procedures. Review our product listing to learn more.

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