Environmental Express® Ion Chromatography Lab Supplies

Ion Chromatography products

Environmental Express offers an expanding line of products to support ion chromatography (IC). We supply single ion standards in both 100 and 1000 ppm concentrations, eluent buffers and, upon request, multi-ion standards.

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In addition, we offer sample vials and filters for Dionex® and Metrohm-Peak® IC systems. Finally, we supply low background syringe filters for sample cleanup.

Download a brochure to learn about Ion Chromatography and supplies Pre-made IC eluent concentrates provide five aliquots of final working solution after dilution. Concentrates meet requirements of EPA 300.0 and EPA 300.1, and are supplied with SDS and Certificate of Analysis. These concentrates help you avoid the time spent measuring and mixing your own chemicals. 

Environmental Express offers a broad range of single and multi-component standards for Ion Chromatography/Ion Selective Electrode applications. These standards can be used with methods for common anions such as EPA Method 300, Standard Method 4110, ASTM D4327; methods for cations including EPA Method 300.7; methods for speciated metals such as EPA Method 218.7; and methods for metal cyanide complexes including EPA Method 9015 and for total cyanide as in ASTM D 2036-97 to list a few.

IC Standards

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Syringe Filters, Disposable

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We are proud to offer various syringe filters options for Ion Chromatography.  With many membranes styles, you are sure to find an appropriate syringe filter for your application.  

Vials and Consumables

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Choose from a variety of products for your Dionex and Metrohm IC analyzers.