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Find here an extensive range of supplies for a variety of chromatography analysis and techniques including sample preparation. Buy microplates, syringe filters and membrane filters, vials, columns, replacement lamps and more. Shop Kinesis Chromatography Consumables today!

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Kinesis supplies a full range of Sample Preparation Selectivity

  • Kinesis Syringe Filters
    Syringe Filters and Membranes
    • Promotes longer life of HPLC columns
    • Improve reliable results
    • Strong membranes in 20 materials
    • Solvent-resistent housing, leak-free connections
  • Kinesis Telos Supported Liquid Extraction (SLE) Plates
    Supported Liquid Extraction (SLE)
    • Aqueous to organic in a quick 3-step process - Load, Wait, Elute
    • A cost-effective choice
  • Kinesis Telos Columns
    Protein Precipitation
    • No filtrate breakthrough
    • No offline steps
    • 96-well and 1-ml formats
    • Acetonitrile to plasma ratio
    • High reproducible recoveries
  • Kinesis TELOS QuEChERS Sample Preparation
    • Documented in AOAC and EN methodologies
    • Clean-up kits offer more selective removal of interferences
    • Kinesis brand cost-savings and customization
  • Kinesis TELOS Chromatography Columns for SPE
    Solid Phase Extraction (SPE)
    • Significantly reduces the matrix components
    • 4 popular chemistries; strong and weak cation exchange and strong and weak anion exchange for acidic analytes
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