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Why Choose NSI Lab Solutions?

NSI Lab Solutions manufacture and certify reference materials, reagents and proficiency testing programs for applications ranging from classical water chemistry and microbiology to solid and hazardous waste analysis. We have added proficiency testing and certified reference materials for food science, botanicals, and pharmaceutical science.



Certified Reference Materials (CRMs) for environmental chemistry and microbiology: organic analytes, elemental standards, wet chemistry standards and CRMs for coliforms and E.coli.



Certified Reference Materials (CRMs) for food chemistry and microbiology: proximates and minerals reference materials, Pathogens ( STEC, L. monocytogenes, Salmonella) cultures, Microbiological Indicator CRMs for Petrifilm™ and BAM methods and Reference materials for Allergens.



Traceable Secondary Reference Materials for compendial methods : Excipient compounds, API compounds certified for purity and traceable to pharmacopiel standards.


USP PT Program

An ISO 17043 Accredited Pharmaceutical Proficiency Testing Program supporting wet chemistry and microbiological analysis.


PT Datalink

PT Datalink is much more than on-line data entry. It includes simplified on-line data entry and modification screens. Drop-down screens for NELAC method and technology codes. Downloadable PT reports as pdf files. You can monitor, sort and review your PT results over time by methods and analytes in each FOT. We can electronically report results to accrediting authorities.

Have PT reports sent to as many accrediting authorities as you need without being “nickeled and dimed”. We do not charge for multiple reports. Make your PT planning easier by accessing preliminary results on-line within 24 hours of the study close. Rest assured your reports will be delivered to your accrediting authority securely and on time. We only use overnight express to provide PT results to your accrediting authority. This provides traceability and proof your reports were delivered on time!

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