Stuart® Benchtop Laboratory Equipment

Stuart® has earned an excellent reputation with its products for reliability and user-friendly operation. Its laboratory products including colony counters, hotplates, rockers, shakers and stirrers bring high-quality performance and great value to laboratories around the world. And, all Stuart products have Biocote® antimicrobial protection—a silver ion treatment that helps to reduce levels of bacterial contamination in laboratory equipment, and helps users conform to the principles of good laboratory practice (GLP).

Who is Stuart ?

Stuart is your laboratory assistant that you have always needed. Stuart is strong, versatile, simple, and clean. The best part – Stuart is always ready and eager to do whatever you ask.
For decades, Stuart has meant quality and reliability in laboratories around the world. You can always count on Stuart to get the task done.
With a wide array of benchtop equipment, Stuart can take on just about any task you ask. From stirring to melting point determination, Stuart has your back.
From selection to the ease-of-use, Stuart makes it easy to get your task done quickly and efficiently. Backed by expert support, research just got easier.
The Stuart range of products offers BioCote® technology, providing built-in antimicrobial protection, providing a safer and more hygienic laboratory environment.
Configure your own stirrer, hot plate, or stirring hotplate

The Advantages of Biocote®

Biocote advantages

Levels of microbial contamination found on BioCote® treated Stuart laboratory equipment were reduced by over 96%.

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