Cole-Parmer Oakton Economy Meter featured on CBS’s CSI Miami

Economy meter

Cole-Parmer’s Oakton economy meter hit the big screen on CBS’s CSI Miami – Episode 24 “Dissolved,” which aired on May 11th. The show featured the Oakton® economy meter and a probe. The meter and probe were used to detect the pH level of a pool that was part of a crime scene.

Go to and look for “Dissolved” Season 7 Episode 24.

The microprocessor-based OAKTON Economy pH 11 meter takes measurements in pH, mV or °C. Use mV output to take ORP readings. Other features include hold function, automatic shutoff, and ready indicator.Dual display of pH (or mV) and temperature

  • Push-button pH calibration at up to five points and offset mV calibration
  • Data storage for up to 50 points

Click below to download Acrobat (.pdf) file of:
pH 10 product bulletin
pH 10 manual

See our complete line up of Oakton products.

Oakton provides incredible quality at budget-friendly prices. Their selection of water quality instruments includes pH, ion, conductivity, and dissolved oxygen meters.

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