Airborne Contaminants? Arc Flash? Flying Debris? Find Out How to Be on the “Safe” Side



Environmental hazards such as airborne contaminants, industrial chemicals, arc flash, and flying debris can threaten the health and safety of employees working in diverse occupations. From laboratories to industry to field operations, workers need the proper gear to ensure their safety. In the midst of National Safety Month, Cole-Parmer highlights several popular products to safeguard employees.    

Respirators protect wearers from inhaling harmful gases, fumes, and vapors. Used by the military, private industry, and the public, they reduce or eliminate exposure to noxious particles.3M® 6000-Series Respirators from Cole-Parmer are air-purifying and designed for extended wear. Lightweight with adjustable straps, they combine with face pieces, cartridges, and filters to respond to the demands of specific environments.    

Face shields offer a defensive screen from potentially infectious fluids, chemicals, and other hazardous materials. Sellstrom® DP4 Face Shield from Cole-Parmer contains an impact- and splash-resistant polycarbonate shield supported by a padded browguard. With curves that conform to facial contours, the shield provides a barrier to splashes, particles, and debris in laboratories, industrial facilities, and food manufacturing.    

To protect hands from contaminants, Microflex® FreeFormTM SE Nitrile Gloves from Cole-Parmer are crafted of super-soft, powder-free 100% nitrile. These unique gloves feel like latex yet are synthetic, and offer a full range of movement. In safety apparel, Cryo-Apron® Aprons from Cole-Parmer are constructed of durable semiporous nylon, which remains resistant to most solvents and chemicals. A 100% waterproof liner prevents spilled fluid and cold equipment from coming in contact with the torso.

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