Summer Blockbuster from Masterflex® (or Viral Video Hit)?

Now playing at or a YouTube channel near you:  How to load Masterflex Tubing Pump Heads.

Ok, our latest videos may not be this summer’s blockbuster movie or the latest viral video on YouTube, but they are informative.

Our popular line of Masterflex peristaltic pumps offer tremendous advantages in applications requiring liquid handling or pumping precise volumes of fluids at consistent flow rates.  Now, our latest videos illustrate how to quickly and easily load tubing into our Masterflex L/S® Standard Pump Heads and Masterflex I/P® High-Performance Tubing pump heads.  These videos offer time-saving tips and address questions we commonly receive from customers.

Masterflex L/S Tubing Pumps

Masterflex L/S Tubing Pumps

Masterflex L/S pumps include fixed- and variable-speed pumps. Masterflex L/S tubing pumps feature high-accuracy drives for precise flow control and are ideal for laboratory, field, or process applications.

Masterflex I/P Performance Tubing Pumps

Masterflex I/P Tubing Pumps

Masterflex I/P peristaltic tubing pumps offer flow ranges from 0.012 to 17 liters per minute. Masterflex I/P pumps are characterized by heavier motors and better protection from the hazards of industry such as dust and water. Use these pumps in your manufacturing process or for quick fluid transfer in your lab.

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