Check Out the New Shape of Liquid Transfer with Ergonomic Pipettors

Imagine an easy-to-hold pipettor that does not overrotate the wrist or hand and minimizes pressure. It’s here! The Ovation line of ergonomic pipettors from Cole-Parmer offers an enhanced design that reduces discomfort, fatigue, and injuries. These new pipettors provide relief for laboratory workers who experience repetitive stress injuries caused or exacerbated by traditional pipetting.

Users ranging from Enrico Fermi Scholars to research microbiologists to lab technicians have trumpeted the natural feel and comfort of this design. As the only pipettors that keep the hand in the neutral position (as recommended by ergonomic experts), the pipettors encourage correct posture. In addition, only Ovation pipettors stand upright, allowing for convenient pickup―no racks or stands required.

Choose from several models in the Ovation line, including the Adjustable-Volume Pipettors which allow five frequently used volumes to be stored, Electronic Pipettors for higher throughput testing environments, and the Macrovolume Electronic Pipettor for maximum efficiency during large-volume liquid handling. Left-handed models are also available.

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