Maintaining Sample Integrity

Ensuring sample integrity is critical in laboratory and pharmaceutical research, microbiology, food technology, forensics, and many other scientific applications. Integrity can be compromised by inadequate sample volume, incorrect handling procedures, contamination, mislabeling, and other influences.

Because sample protection is so important, Thermo Scientific developed a new line of Heratherm Incubators and Gravity Convection Ovens with this as their top priority.

Thermo Scientific Heratherm General Protocol Incubators are ideal for standard applications in pharmaceutical, research, and food labs. They are designed to deliver top-quality temperature uniformity ranging from 5°C ambient to 75°C. Their unique airflow design, advanced microprocessor control, and automatic overtemperature alarm keep the internal environment optimal. An interior glass door enables sample viewing without disturbing the desired temperature. An intuitive user interface makes setting parameters easy. Choose from 2 to 6.3 cubic feet units.

Thermo Scientific Heratherm General Protocol Gravity Convection Ovens are designed for gentle heating and drying with minimal air turbulence. These ovens are a highly effective choice for precise heating applications. Their advanced microprocessor controls deliver detailed information on current temperature and set points. Set the temperature from 50 to 330°C and store the setting in memory while the oven is off. Visual overtemperature alarm and built-in safety backup maintain temperature control at 5°C above the set point if the primary control fails. A circuit breaker protects the oven from power surges. Thick insulation in walls and door maintains a safe exterior temperature and a silicone door gasket prevents heat loss. Low energy consumption contributes to their efficiency. Premium units also offer adjustable fan speed for application-related drying and a programmable controller for temperature ramps and dwells. Select from 2 to 6.4 cubic feet options.

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