It’s Not the Heat, It’s the Humidity

In the midst of the August summer stretch, most of us are familiar with high humidity or, in other words, bad hair days. When opening the door to walk out, we feel a rush of thick, steamy air. Weathercasters like to fill us in daily on the heat index, which combines relative humidity and air temperature. According to how stuff works, people tend to feel most comfortable at a relative humidity of about 45%.

From a scientific viewpoint, humidity also refers to absolute humidity, which is expressed in grams of water vapor mass within a defined quantity of air. Specific humidity measures absolute humidity relative to total gas mass within this quantity of air.

Vaisala Handheld Humidity and Temperature MeterFrom the preservation of artistic masterpieces in art institutes to burgeoning levels of dust mites, molds, and bacteria within our homes, our environmental humidity levels matter. For those charged with monitoring humidity levels in workplaces, manufacturing facilities, or really anywhere that humidity is important (which is pretty much anywhere), a new handheld option is available.

The Vaisala Handheld Humidity and Temperature Meter is lightweight, yet boasts superior accuracy. Easy to use, it is also compact, robust and affordable. The meter incorporates a Vaisala HUMICAP sensor that provides high accuracy, excellent long term stability, negligible hysteresis, and insensitivity to dust and most chemicals. The unit’s large graphic display indicates seven measurements including RH, temperature, dew point, wet bulb, absolute humidity, mixing ratio, and enthalpy. A graph shows when the measurement is stabilized. The meter also features a hold button that retains the data until it has been recorded, and an automatic shut off.

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