Firing Up: A New Option in Flame Photometry

Flame photometers measure the concentration of a range of alkali metals. Filters allow testing for specific materials. The intensity of light given off is proportional to the concentration of the metal in the sample. The instruments are used in research applications, such as for biological samples and pharmaceuticals, chemical manufacturing, soil analysis, the food and paper industries, and academia.

Now a more affordable option in flame photometry is available—the single channel, analog output, and digital display flame photometer from Cole-Parmer. Five filters for sodium, potassium, lithium, calcium, and barium are included with the unit as a standard feature. Inheriting the mixing chamber, burner stem, and burner head from a higher-cost design, this unit offers the best limits of detection available from a low-cost instrument.

The Cole-Parmer® Single-Channel Flame Photometer is ergonomically designed with a front-loading, unobstructed sample work area with removable spill containment tray. Select the element to be analyzed using the filter stick. The front panel LED indicates the element tested as well as flame status. Press “hold” to capture readings until recorded. Auto ignition and flame optimization deliver ease of use. Also includes automatic gas shutoff. With a small footprint (approx. 8” x 12”; 20 x 30 cm), the unit takes up minimal space on the lab bench. Easily clean and maintain the instrument.

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