From Punxsutawney Phil to Wireless Stations: Forecasting the Weather

It’s Groundhog Day! Dating back to the 1800s, Punxsutawney Phil has escaped from his burrow to observe the weather (and thus his shadow) and thereby determine if winter will continue or soon end. Phil could stay in the comfort of his burrow, away from the crowds watching his every move, if he had a weather instrument to tell him exactly what was going on outside.

For example, the Davis Instruments Vantage Vue® Wireless Station could let Phil know the barometric pressure, temperature, heat index, humidity, wind, rain rate, sunrise and sunset, forecast, and more. With a sleek but durable outdoor sensor array, the Vantage Vue’s Weather Center offers additional information on each weather variable for the current day as well as the last 25 days.

Similarly, the General Instruments Professional Wireless Weather Station monitors indoor and outdoor temperature and humidity conditions from a remote sensor up to 328 feet (100 meters) away from the display station. The station measures wind speed and direction, wind chill, rainfall amounts and barometric pressure, automatically sets to the US atomic clock, offers a 12- to 24-hour forecast, and much more.

With a weather station or wireless LCD console/receiver from Cole-Parmer, Phil could relax, away from the limelight, and bunker down in his burrow. His adoring fans could then use their own weather stations to make plans for the end of winter or just a few more weeks of it.


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