Testing pH with the pocket meters

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Oakton EcoTestr pH2 and CTS pocket meters make testing water quality faster and easier.

Pocket pH meters offer fast and easy testing

If you don’t already have one, pocket pH meters make routine sample testing fast and easy. These are ideal for in the laboratory or out in the field.

Pocket pH testers are small portable devices that deliver information to the user with accuracy, convenience and affordability. These devices are designed to be used in different conditions and will test the alkalinity (pH) and acidity of a variety of samples. They especially are popular for testing water quality samples because they fit neatly in a pocket for easy retrieval and use.

With many different applications producing an array of sample types, it is important to know what kind of pocket tester is going to produce the best results for your sample testing needs. There are a wide variety of testers on the market that offer different types of technologies to fulfill the consumer’s needs. There are three types of pocket testers ideal for testing water quality: the single-junction electrode disposable tester, single-junction replaceable electrode and double-junction replaceable electrode. Choosing a tester will largely depend on the sample being tested, the cadence of the testing and the required accuracy.

pH Values

The most common type of water quality test is the pH test. Water pH indicates the balance between hydrogen ions, which are acidic, and hydroxide ions, which are basic. A perfect balance of the two is at a pH of 7. A pH value of 7 is neutral. As the number decreases, the substance ranks as more acidic; as it increases, it is more alkaline. Values range from 0 (totally acidic, such as battery acid) to 14 (fully alkaline, for example, drain cleaner). Tap water usually is around pH 7, while naturally occurring waters normally are in the range of 6 to 8 pH units. Applications in need of measuring pH levels are found in just about every industry and household. A household application, such as measuring the pH levels of a fish aquarium, is different from measuring the pH level of water in a water treatment plant.

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View our one-minute video on the Oakton® Waterproof pH EcoTestr 2 to see how it works.

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