Under Pressure: Assess Your Weather Stress with Barometers & Weather Meters

Feeling under pressure? Maybe it is not an increase in stress but instead a shift in atmospheric pressure. Oncoming storms or fronts lower air pressure. In fact, measuring fluctuations in atmospheric pressure was one of the earliest means of forecasting the weather. As pressure begins to drop, clouds and rain are likely on the horizon.

Weather changes can affect health, schedules, and even big–ticket purchasing decisions, according to one report. Yet, even if you are not a meteorologist, you can get a read on air pressure and other environmental conditions. You can reference The Old Farmer’s Almanac, which boasts an 80% accuracy rate on forecasts. You can also use a few popular tools that deliver scientific measurements, such as our barometers or weather meters.


Oakton® Temperature Compensated Barometer measures atmospheric pressure in millibar (mbar) and inches Hg or millibar and mm Hg. Wall-mount.

Cole-Parmer Barometer with Digital Thermometer in a compact design with a built-in clock as well as temperature and barometric pressure readings. Graphically displays barometric trends.

GE DPI 740 Portable Precision Barometer with Resonant Pressure Transducer (RPT). The vibrating element sensor provides accurate measurements of ±0.005 in Hg and has a calibration stability of better than 100 ppm per year. Multiple pressure scales and aeronautical units.

Weather Meters

Pocket Weather Monitor measures, recalls, and graphs every major environmental condition. Weighs less than four ounces.

Digital Weather Meter offers two-second response time. Measures barometric pressure, temperature, humidity, and dew point. Fits in pocket.

Pocket Weather Tracker captures wind speed, temperature, wind chill, humidity, heat stress, dew point, altitude, barometric pressure, and more. Reads in six different types of measurements.

For more, view our comprehensive line of barometers and weather instrument products.

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