Thanksgiving in America

Chefs know that the right tools make cooking easier and safer. From the traditional turkey to the sweet potatoes to the cranberry relish and pumpkin pie, the Thanksgiving dinner requires much planning and preparation. To create this delicious feast, heated or cooled to the correct temperatures, with palate-pleasing textures and presentation, chefs rely on thermometers, balances or scales, and waterproof pH pocket meters.

For a safe non-contact reading in under a second, the Oakton® TempTestr IR Food Thermometer measures food temperature from 40 to 140°F or 4 to 60ºC. Quick checks with a non-contact thermometer can remove the hazard of cross-contamination. Another option is the Folding Food Service Thermometer with adjustable angled probe. Use this folding thermometer for any food handling application—three LEDs provide instant, error-free indication of critical food temperature zones.

For properly proportioned servings, the Ohaus FD Portion Control Scale offers a fast, stable weight display within two seconds. To measure the acidity or alkalinity of cranberry relish, wine or juices, try the Extech® Waterproof pH100 Pocket pH Tester or the Horiba® B-213 Twin Compact pH Pocket Tester.

Read for Six Thanksgiving Food Safety Tips from the National Restaurant Association.

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