2013/14 Cole-Parmer® Sourcebook: A Technical Resource within a Catalog

Did you know? Dirty, wet, compressed air may contain four million particles per cubic foot and 0 to 100 ppm of oil. It may hold rust, viruses, and odors and may be 100% saturated with water. When selecting the best air filtration system for your application, it helps to have a guide.

CP_T_3426_13-14-DOMCatalog3DUnder pressure? Common pressure units include Psig (gauge pressure), Psia (absolute pressure), Psid (pressure differential), BFSL (Best Fit Straight Line) Accuracy, Compound Gauge, Liquid-Filled Case, and Process Connection. Definitions of each type and a Pressure Unit Conversion Constants chart provide helpful references.

Need to conform to standards? The FM-approved icon refers to FM Global (formerly Factory Mutual), an international leader in third-party testing, certification, and approval of commercial and industrial products. Product types include electrical, fire protection, fire detection, and hazardous location equipment. FM approval indicates conformance to relevant national and international standards. This icon is just one of 18 regulatory agency approvals that indicate product approvals.

These technical data items are just a sample of the information provided in the 2013/14 Cole-Parmer® Sourcebook. Find the air filtration system application guide on page 625. Find Tech Insights on pressure on page 1432. Find a list of regulatory agency and approvals on page R-9. While the catalog contains thousands of products from electrochemistry to fluid handling to research, biotech, and more, it also includes an abundance of comparison charts, compliance information, terminology, and other data.

Wondering how to care for your labware? Get specific directions on caring for glassware, stainless steelware, and ceramicware, along with the physical properties of each, on pages R12-13.

Determining which metering pump to choose? Consider the effects of specific gravity when sizing a pump. Find an application guide and specific gravity chart on page 1670.

What tubing should you choose for your pump? Narrow your options with an application/selection guide that lists formulations, operating temperatures, material certifications, a chemical resistance summary, and permeability data on pages 2250-2251.

Request your free copy of the easy-to-use 2013/14 Cole-Parmer® Sourcebook and keep this technical resource nearby for a handy reference.

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