Lab Safety: Personal Protective Equipment for the Workplace

Maintain lab safety as well as worker safety in the field. A variety of personal protective equipment (PPE) helps safeguard workers and, in some cases, comply with OSHA recommendations and standards. From basic lab coats to advanced respirators, these are the items that should be considered for your safety program:

Apparel: From coveralls and lab coats to aprons and shoe covers, disposable and reusable apparel is available for the laboratory, plant floor, or manufacturing environment.

Arc Flash: Protect workers from the dangers of an electrical arc flash with electrically insulated gloves, apparel, and face shields.

Uvex FUTURA Safety Goggles

Uvex FUTURA Safety Goggles

Eye Protection: Includes ANSI-compliant glasses, goggles, and face shields. Shields protect workers from liquid splashes, flying debris, radiation, and other hazards.

Eyewashes: Test and update your eyewash equipment in accordance with ANSI standards. Select from personal, portable, and mounted eyewashes and showers.

Gloves: Available in disposable latex, nitrile, vinyl, and chloroprene boxed products. Chemical resistant, cut resistant, or electrical insulating style work gloves offer additional options.

Hearing Protection: Comply with OSHA Noise Regulations by protecting workers from excessive noise decibel levels. Select from earplugs, hearing bands, and earmuffs in a variety of styles and NRRs.

Lockout / Tagout: Keep your company in compliance with OSHA regulations with tags, hasps, complete kits, and more.

Matting: Prevent worker fatigue, slips, and falls with a variety of mat materials and styles for laboratory, food, pharmaceutical, chemical, or industrial applications.

Respiratory Protection: Design your respiratory protection program in compliance with OSHA and NIOSH regulations. Select from disposable, half-mask, and full-face styles.

Right-to-Know and Signs: Keep workers informed of workplace hazards. Choose from a variety of MSDS centers, posters, labels, signs, and more.

Spill Control and Waste Disposal from sorbents and neutralizers to spill kits and biohazard disposal.

Storage and Handling including compact and special application cabinets, as well as the latest in secondary containment and storm water control.

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