From Silicone Tubing to Tygon: Tubing Selection Guidelines

TubingTygon® tubing? Silicone tubing? Norprene®? PharmaPure®? Which tubing formulation is best for long life performance, for precision, for biocompatibility? For guidelines to chemical compatibility and chemical resistance, consult this summary chart. Here are some additional guidelines to help you make a selection:  

In General:

  • Norprene®, PharMed® BPT, and PharmaPure® tubing formulations offer the best tubing life in all applications where the fluid being pumped is chemically compatible
  • High-performance precision tubing has a 20 to 30% increased tubing life over Precision tubing
  • High-pressure Norprene and PharMed BPT have the best life in pressure applications
  • Peroxide-cured silicone tubing offers up to 40% more tubing life. Platinum-cured silicone tubing offers better biocompatibility and fewer extractables. BioPharm Plus platinum-cured silicone tubing lasts up to five times longer than other platinum-cured silicone tubings and is the recommended formulation for high-accuracy dispensing applications

 Other Factors to Consider when Determining the Best Tubing for your Application:

  • Fluid compatibility
  • Fluid temperature
  • System pressure
  • Motor rpm
  • Clarity of tubing
  • Duty cycle
  • Maintenance periods
  • Tubing purity
  • Viscosity

 Once Tubing Has Been Selected:

1. Test it in your application.

2. Monitor tubing life in duty cycle; look for signs of tubing fatigue (e.g. small pinhole leaks, abrasion, etc.).

3. Set up maintenance schedule to anticipate tubing failure.

 Monitor the time tubing is in the pump. Advance it 8 to 12 inches on a daily, weekly, monthly, or quarterly basis, depending on your experience with your maintenance schedule.

See the tubing selection.

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