What to Consider When Selecting Masterflex Tubing

HowToTestYourTubingGraphicMasterflex® pump systems consist of three components: pump heads, tubing, and drive. Masterflex tubing is available in more than two dozen formulations for use in a wide range of applications and markets. It is used in the chemical processing, food & beverage, medical research, education, water treatment, pharmaceutical, environmental, industrial, laboratory, printing, and biotech industries.

When selecting tubing, take the following variables into consideration for your application:

  • Flow rate: Tubing size directly affects flow rate.
  • Chemical compatibility: Consult our comprehensive chemical compatibility reference tools to test your specific chemicals.
  • Tubing life: Reference tubing material graphs at ColeParmer.com for various formulations
  • Fluid viscosity, presence of solids, back pressure, or suction lift: High-Performance tubing is best for these conditions. Reference tubing material graphs at ColeParmer.com
  • Fluid temperature: See the description for each formulation online for starting guidelines and then test based on your specific application.

Note that using non-Masterflex tubing with Masterflex pumps can accelerate detrimental wear and tear on pump heads and drives by generating excessive debris, creating greater back pressures, and increasing the risk of tubing failure. You may also void your two-year warranty if non-Masterflex tubing is used.

Contact our Application Specialists for expert product and technical assistance on any Masterflex tubing pump system. Also, reference the Masterflex Tubing Application Guide.

2 Comments on "What to Consider When Selecting Masterflex Tubing"

  1. Vilma C. Dotimas | April 11, 2017 at 8:52 pm | Reply

    Can I use a Peroxide Cured Silicon tubing for an acid?

    • Hi Vilma:

      If you are using acetic acid <5%, then yes. According to our tubing compatibility chart, it is compatible. Please feel free to check out our Masterflex tubing chemical compatibility chart at the following link for answers to your tubing compatibility questions. You can also call our technical experts at 1-800-323-4340. Thanks for reading our blog.


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