Take the Masterflex Pump System Challenge

Masterflex® pumps can be used for a variety of applications

Use these pumps for pharmaceutical, research & development, manufacturing, food & beverage, and environmental uses. Yet, sometimes the challenge is to choose the correct Masterflex pump, pump head, and tubing to best match a particular application.

Here is one scenario:


An agricultural company needed to pump ethanol at approximately 7 LPM to a stripping column. They needed a pump drive that would withstand the flammability of ethanol and tubing that provided excellent chemical compatibility.

Our solution

Our Application Specialist recommended the Masterflex I/P® hazardous-duty pump drive and Viton® tubing. The I/P hazardous-duty drive is UL-listed for Class 1, Group D, Division 1 hazardous locations. The Easy-Load® pump head provides greater flow rate flexibility if the customer needs to use other sizes of tubing. With respect to the tubing, Viton has an excellent chemical compatibility rating with ethanol.

Selecting a Masterflex Tubing Pump System

Consider the following:

1)    Define Your Application Requirements
Specifically, what flow rate do you need? What chemical are you pumping? Does fluid viscosity or back pressure play an important role in your application?
2)    Select a Pump Series Based on your Application
3)    Choose a Pump Head, Tubing, and Drive

The L/S and I/P pump series are divided into three component categories: pump head, tubing, and drive.

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