Lab Safety: Signs for the Times

Lab safety requires that signage identify hazardous areas that warn workers of danger or provide safety instructions. OSHA states: “All employees shall be instructed that danger signs indicate immediate danger and that special precautions are necessary.” The administration also indicates specific colors to be used for danger, caution, and safety instruction signs.

To use these guidelines and customize your own sign, follow these steps:

Select the sign material to meet your needs:

  • Adhesive Vinyl—flexible, 4-mil pressure-sensitive material is ideal for your low-cost, light-duty applications
  • Plastic—medium-duty, general-purpose, 0.055″-thick polyethylene material is perfect for indoor and sheltered outdoor locations
  • Aluminum—0.040″-thick material offers the strength of metal but without rusting. The surface is over-laminated to protect from splashes and dirt for long-term outdoor exposureCustom_Sign_Colors-1

Traditional OSHA-style signs and labels are the most widely recognized in the industry. This style of warning sign has been in use for decades. OSHA-style signs use ALL CAPS, and the message is generally centered underneath the header. Choose an OSHA or ANSI header if required to designate the severity of the hazard:

  • Danger (red)
  • Caution (yellow)
  • Warning (orange)
  • Notice (blue)
  • Safety First (green) 

See Construction of a Safety Sign (pdf) for definitions of these hazards.
Select from the industry standard sizes or tell us what special size you need.

Together, we will design a sign that best meets your unique needs.

  • Simply write or draw a concept, or use our easy-to-follow custom sign planning form on
  • Add words, colors, logos, symbols, images, and even photo-quality graphics!
  • We will lay out your message and develop the design, creating your custom sign for maximum effect. State-of-the-art printing produces your sign in the most accurate format

To create your custom signs with the help of our Customer Service Representatives, please call 800-323-4340 ext. SIGN (7446)

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