Peristaltic Pumps, pH Meters, and Other New Products We Love

Versatility and sought-after functionality describe the laboratory pumps, pH meters, and other new products we recommend. See all of our new products and discover the latest in laboratory equipment.

Masterflex® Touch-Screen Peristaltic Dispensing Pump with Masterflex® L/S® Easy-Load II Pump Head, 115/230 VAC. A versatile dispensing pump with an intuitive touch-screen interface for programming and control. These pumps are feature-rich and easy to program with the intuitive touch-screen interface. Quickly set up single- or multiple-step programs depending on the requirements of your application. The controller will store up to 50 programs of up with 20 steps each; programs are easily recalled for later use.

Accumet AB150 pH / mV Benchtop Meter Kit combines basic meter economy with 0.001 pH resolution. Offers benefits typically found on more expensive meters—a graphical LCD, bidirectional RS-232 and USB connectivity, password protection, and GLP-compliant 500 datapoint memory. The meter accepts up to five-point pH calibration with custom or preset buffer groups in pH mode. It also offers calibration and high/low alarms for system monitoring.

Etatron pH Pump Control System, 5 L/hr Flow is a complete control system which combines a controller and variable-speed metering pump all in one unit. Just enter your desired pH value via the front-mounted set knob. The controller responds to pH changes within 0.1 pH unit. Systems are switch-selectable for caustic or acid feed.

Extech® CTH10 Radio Controlled Clock Hygro-Thermometer with super large 4.3” digital clock display receives time code from NIST radio station WWVB. The hygro-thermometer automatically adjusts year, date, day, hour, minute, second, and DST.

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