Cole-Parmer Showcases New Masterflex, Digi-Sense, and Other Products

Last week, Cole-Parmer offered a new product showcase featuring technologies from Masterflex®, Digi-Sense®, Oakton®, and other top brands. Geared toward our global customers, the event was an opportunity to learn about products to enhance lab and field productivity.

Spotlighted items included:

Showcase_IMG_4377Masterflex® L/S® Digital Modular Dispensing Drives offer three dispensing modes and precision motors for accurate, repetitive dispensing. With a modular format that allows users to place the motor and controller separately, these units are an optimal choice for limited spaces, hoods, or isolation chambers. These peristaltic pump drives feature a programmable dispense interval that lets users set the delay between dispense cycles for convenient, automated dispensing by time or by volume. An antidrip function ensures dispensing accuracy.

Showcase_IMG_4388Digi-Sense® Professional Dual Input Data Logging Thermocouple Thermometer with NIST-Traceable Calibration. These professional type K thermometers provide accurate and reliable temperature measurement in an ergonomic design. Double-molded heavy-duty housing provides superior protection, making them ideal for tough applications. Plus the NIST-traceable precalibration means you get reliable measurements right out of the box, saving you time and money!

Masterflex® Touch-Screen Peristaltic Dispensing Pump with Masterflex® L/S® Easy-Load® II Pump Head. The pump dispenses via the user’s choice of program, including constant flow rate, stepped flow, ramped flow, and pulsed flow. Users can pump by volume or time, with a flow range of 0.001 to 1500 mL/min with Masterflex L/S pump tubing. Programs can also be linked and steps repeated. This peristaltic pump is easy to program with an intuitive touch-screen monitor.

Masterflex® Low Pressure Drop Flowmeters and Controllers for Gases. Using a newer laminar differential pressure flow technology, these mass flowmeters have a much lower pressure drop across the instrument. Full-scale pressure drops are as low as 0.1 psid to 0.69 psid. The meters measure 30 standard gases with a 200:1 turndown ratio. Typical applications using this functionality include air sampling, natural gas metering and calibration, and gas analysis and totalizing.

GreenLight® Environmental Bacterial Count Systems. The systems are ideal for monitoring wastewater discharge for disinfection limits in NPDES permits, drinking water plant disinfection, and bacteria in water at beaches. They measure oxygen consumption to determine the level of live aerobic bacteria. A single-use fluorescence sensor vial within a system assesses the rate of bacterial respiration. With a built-in incubator, each system is able to provide results in just 45 minutes. These results meet 40 CFR part 160 EPA requirements.

Showcase_IMG_4391The µVISC™ Portable Viscometers feature a viscometer control unit, a viscosity chip, and a pipette for a complete system. Users simply load the pipette with a sample to begin, then insert the pipette into the holder and push the run button. The microfluidic sensor measures viscosity from the drop in pressure that occurs while the sample flows through a small rectangular flow channel. The small channel size requires only a very small sample amount, reducing operational costs.

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