It’s Time for Spring Cleaning! Laboratory Supplies to Help You

Now that it’s officially spring, it’s a good time to check your inventory of laboratory supplies and replenish or replace necessary items. To keep your lab efficient and maintain valuable equipment, make sure you have the cleaning supplies that can do the job.

Texwipe-AlphaWipe-Low-Particulate-WipesDesignating specific times of year to re-order supplies will also save your budget dollars, as you can buy in bulk and ensure you have what you need before it unexpectedly runs out. Here are a few customer favorites:

Texwipe AlphaWipe Low-Particulate Wipes; 9″ x 9″, 150/bag, are more durable and absorbent than paper wipes. Made of 100% continuous filament double-knit polyester, they can be used to clean optical and photomask surfaces and also in integrated circuit fabrication facilities.

Alconox Cleaner for Manual or Ultrasonic Cleaning, 4 lb box, case of 9 boxes, rinses off completely, with no residue. It is biodegradable, safe, odorless and FDA compliant.

Stackable High-Density Polyethylene Pail, 5 gallon, conforms to USDA specifications and is FDA compliant. The pail’s tapered body allows one pail to sit inside another for easy storage and shipping.

Contec Prosat Presaturated Cleanroom Wipes, 300/pack, are presaturated in a solvent blend of 30% DI water and 70% isopropyl alcohol, with solvents filtered to a 0.2 micron level. These wipes won’t scratch delicate surfaces and are a good option for general cleaning in Class 100 environments.

Proguard Professional Hand Cream, 3 oz, cs/12 is formulated to moisturize the skin while creating a protective barrier to prevent irritation from latex gloves and more. The cream does not contain grease, perfume, aloe, oil or other materials that may compromise the integrity of latex gloves.

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