Masterflex Case Study: Pro Water, Antifoam

An antifoam solution is often used in wastewater treatment and other water applications to reduce foam. Larger facilities commonly use a concentrated antifoam solution, which is pumped at a very low flow rate of 0 to 20 mL/h.

MasterflexPumpsTo achieve these very low flow rates, the customer used 1/16” ID tubing size which is very small and difficult to connect to an industrial pipe. They turned to Cole-Parmer to respond to this challenge.

Our technical application specialist recommended the Masterflex® Standard Digital Pump Drive with an Easy-Load II Pump Head and Norprene® Pump Tubing at 1/8” ID. With the wider range of the 0.02 to 100 rpm of the pump drive, the customer can use a large bore tubing size. Because the programmed volume is dosed over time, pulsation is not a concern.

The customer was pleased with the wide flow range of the pump and was able to connect the system to the industrial pipe. The advantage of the “fool-proof” Easy-Load II Pump Head and the display of the cumulated volume on the drive were added pluses that increased the customer’s satisfaction.

Other environmental applications that Masterflex serves include composite sampling, greenhouse watering, sewage/sludge analysis, pesticide delivery systems, water salinity analyzers, and much more.

For information on other applications for Masterflex systems, see Application Solutions. To speak with an application specialist with solutions to your challenge, contact us!

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