Tech Tip: What Type of Ultraviolet Light Will Kill or Prevent Mold?

According to our in-house technical expert, a shortwave ultraviolet light in the range of 280 to 100 nm can help kill mold and prevent its growth. Also, ultraviolet germicidal lamps can destroy bacteria, molds, yeast, and viruses.

Short_long-wave-UV-lamp;-4-watts,-254_365-nm-wavelengthShort/Long-Wave UV Lamp; 4 Watts, 254/365 nm Wavelength

Compact, short/long-wave lamp comes with two 4-watt tubes (254 and 365 nm). Each tube produces a distinct wavelength; no mixing of primary UV ranges occurs.

UV-Germicidal-LampUV Germicidal Lamp

Help prevent contamination in your research laboratories, food factories, and white rooms. These lamps emit 254 nm UV light, which is efficient for the destruction of bacteria, molds, yeast, and viruses. Tube life is approximately 2000 hours. Choose from models with intensities from 31 to 152 µW/cm², in either 115 or 220 VAC versions.


11 Comments on "Tech Tip: What Type of Ultraviolet Light Will Kill or Prevent Mold?"

  1. Need small to medium size flow rates for disinfection of water and coloured almost transparent liquid

    • Miraj Shariff | May 23, 2016 at 8:36 am | Reply

      Thank you for the comment. We’d be happy to help, but will need a bit more information. Please contact our technical support team at for help determining which system is right for you.

      • Thanks,two issues to comment1) water is contaminated with yeast and mould sacchamyces crevices 2) super saturated sugar solution is has the same cot -animation . Can I use 254um UV ,flow rate?ori can also heat the liquid for 90 95C for some time or combine both to get rid of the contamination?

  2. Hi.
    Can UV light be effective in killing mold on paper, art, books ?
    Could it damage a canvas or paper print ?
    Thank you.

    • Hi Betty:

      Thank you for your questions. I will forward them to our application specialists. In the meantime, should you need an immediate answer, please call them at 1-800-323-4340.

  3. I bought Germicidal uvc lights to kill mold. I’m not a professional and bought them off of Amazon. We have had serious water leaks and tested positive for toxic mold in our home and myself tested positive for toxic mold. We live in the country try and have been unsuccessful finding help. Do you think this is ok to use these lights?

    • Hi Janna:

      I will forward your question to our technical experts. In the meantime, if you need immediate assistance, you can contact us at 1-800-323-4340.

  4. can I use uv light in repositories to kill fungi without affecting my books

    • Hello:
      Thank you for your question. It has been forwarded to our customer service team. You should be hearing from someone shortly.

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