What’s New? Here are Five New Products to Revitalize Your Lab

The powerful new products below make your lab processes easier. From bidirectional flow pumps to cordless microscopes, find out how these versatile offerings can enhance your lab.

Ismatec® Reglo Independent Channel Control Peristaltic Pumps       Ismatec-ICC-4-Channel-8-Roller-Peristaltic-Pump-

Control the flow and direction of each channel via keypad or your PC and expand your benchtop pumping capabilities. These pumps deliver continuous pumping or precision dispensing up to 35 mL/min with the capability of bidirectional flow in each channel. Plus, independent channel calibration minimizes tube-to-tube differences, resulting in high calibration accuracy.Choose from 3-Channel or 4-Channel options.

Julabo PRESTO® Temperature Control Systems

Ideal for controlling the temperature of jacketed reaction vessels, material stress tests, or temperature simulation, these systems can quickly counteract exothermic and endothermic reaction temperature changes. They deliver extraordinary power over a wide temperature range. The color touch-screen TFT display offers a well-organized view of important information and user-friendly navigation in eight languages. Choose from preset display layouts or customize the display with readings, graphs, and critical information for a specific application.

Scienceware® CultureTemp 37°C Warming Plate

This warming plate maintains a constant 37°C, protecting cell viability and allowing trypsin to work efficiently without the need to return to the incubator repeatedly. Anodized aluminum top plate fits most tissue culture vessels and maintains a uniform temperature across the entire surface. The UV resistant polypropylene construction prevents the housing from breaking down under UV lights, is water resistant, and cleans easily with ethanol or IPA.

Cole-Parmer® Cordless Compound Microscopes

Ease of use and precision optics make these microscopes ideal for the student and the professional. Binocular viewing head is inclined at 30° and rotates 360° for easy sharing. Objective turret is ball-bearing mounted for smooth magnification changes; reverse mounting allows easy access to specimens and stage. Rechargeable NiMH batteries allow you to use this microscope in the field or where conventional power isn’t convenient.

OpTech Rapid BOD/CBOD Reader

This portable reader runs the approximation of a five-day BOD or CBOD in only five hours. Single-use sensors (not included) easily adhere to the inside of the BOD bottle and the sample is then prepared. Dissolved oxygen values are collected over a five-hour period of time using optical DO technology to measure through glass or plastic BOD bottles. The data is then evaluated using OpTech software for worksheets to predict the five-day BOD or CBOD value.

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