Q& A: Why Choose Digi-Sense?

Digi-Sense™ instruments
Digi-Sense™ instruments

Earlier this year, we introduced a new line of Digi-Sense™ instruments designed to deliver accuracy, reliability, and durability for even demanding applications. Many of the instruments are precalibrated by the InnoCal® metrology lab to NIST-traceable standards so that reliable results are guaranteed.

Digi-Sense™ instruments

Digi-Sense™ instruments

Here’s a bit more information about these temperature measurement and test and measurement instruments:

What’s the advantage to having precalibrated meters?

Precalibration saves you time, effort, and cost. Because the instrument has been calibrated before it arrives, its accuracy is guaranteed and it is ready to use as soon as you unpack it. There’s no need to prepare to send it out for calibration to ensure its accuracy. The cost of precalibration is built in to the cost of the instrument and, overall, less than you would pay separately for calibration. If an instrument comes precalibrated, it is stated in the product description.

What types of instruments does Digi-Sense offer?

Various temperature instruments, such as thermocouple thermometers, professional infrared thermometers, temperature controllers, and more, as well as temperature sensors. Environmental instruments such as humidity meters and light meters and performance monitoring instruments such as anemometers and manometers. If you’re looking for a meter and not sure if Digi-Sense offers it, check our online storefront.

What’s on the horizon?

Later in the year, Digi-Sense will release sound meters, moisture meters, data loggers, boreoscopes, tachometers, electrical meters, and timers/stopwatches to expand the full line of products. Look for more information about these new products to come!

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