3 Ways to Protect Eyes from Impact Injuries and Chemicals

Impact injuries are typically caused by fragments, particles, sand, and dirt in the air. Those working in grinding, machining, masonry, woodworking, sawing, chiseling, powered fastening, riveting, and sanding are most susceptible to these injuries. Many flying objects are tiny, yet can cause serious injuries such as abrasions, punctures, and contusions.

Sellstrom DP4 Faceshield with Headgear

Sellstrom DP4 Faceshield with Headgear

Chemical injuries occur from splashing, fumes, vapors, or irritating mists when handling acid and chemicals, degreasing, and plating. Serious and irreversible damage may result when chemical substances contact the eyes. If you work with chemicals, know the location of emergency eyewash stations and how to use them when your vision is restricted.

Eye Protection to Help Safeguard You from Injuries

Spectacles: Safety spectacles are designed to shield eyes from impact hazards. Workers are required to use eye safety spectacles with side shields when there is a hazard from flying objects. Safety spectacle frames are constructed of metal and/or plastic and can be fitted with either corrective or plano impact-resistant lenses. Side shields may be incorporated into the frames of safety spectacles.

Goggles: Safety goggles fit the face immediately around the eyes and form a protective seal. This prevents objects from entering under or around the goggles. If you require vision correction, safety goggles may incorporate prescription lenses mounted behind protective lenses. For protection from chemical hazards, goggles are a primary means of shielding the eyes.

Face Shields: Face shields are intended to protect the face or portions of it from impact hazards. Use face shields in combination with safety spectacles or goggles for extra protection. Face shield windows are made with different transparent materials and in varying degrees, or levels, of thickness. These levels should correspond with specific tasks.

Face shields are also secondary protectors in safeguarding the entire face from exposure to chemical hazards.

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