Why Use a Recirculating Chiller?

Cole-Parmer® Polystat® Recirculator with Force/Suction Pump
Cole-Parmer® Polystat® Recirculator with Force/Suction Pump

Among baths, circulators, and recirculating chillers, why choose the latter? <a href=”/c/recirculators-and-chillers>Recirculating chillers deliver a flow of temperature-controlled fluid. They are enclosed circulators featuring robust cooling systems used for demanding continuous-use lab applications.

Cole-Parmer® Polystat® Recirculator with Force/Suction Pump

Cole-Parmer® Polystat® Recirculator with Force/Suction Pump

Recirculating chillers offer:

  • Temperature control from -10° to +80°C
  • Sealable reservoirs which permit open-loop and closed-loop use
  • Pumping capacities up to 15.5 L/min

In addition to many lab applications such as chemical, pharmaceutical, and food and beverage processing, chillers are used in industrial settings. These include:

Plastics: chillers cool the hot plastic that is injected, blown, extruded, or stamped. Chillers can also be used to cool down the equipment used in the manufacturing process.

Lasers: chillers cool down lasers and the power supplies used to power them.

Printing: chillers remove the heat generated by the printing rollers and also cool down the paper after it comes out of the ink drying ovens.

Machine tooling: chillers cool the spindle of the machine as it produces the part and cools the liquid being sprayed on part itself as it is being turned on the spindle.

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2 Comments on "Why Use a Recirculating Chiller?"

  1. Good Morning Cole-Parmer Team,

    To introduce myself, I am Harsh Shah, a PhD student at Long Island University Brooklyn, NY.

    We are looking for a price quote of recirculating chiller for Hot Melt extruder with below mentioned specifications –

    1. Reservoir capacity – 24- 30 Lit
    2. Cooling Capacity – 2.5 kW (@ 20 C)
    3. Fitting size : 3/4″ ID (Barbed) and pump connectors – G 3/4″. (This are requested considering the broader diameter which can be reduced later or changed)
    4. Temp range – -20 C to +40 C
    5. Pump flow rate – 40 L/min
    6. Pump pressure – 7.3 – 43.5 PSI

    I shall await for your reply.

    In case of any concern, I can be reached at harsh.shah3@my.liu.edu or 862-368-4439

    Harsh Shah

    • Hi Harsh:
      Thanks for your request. You should be hearing from our Quotes team shortly.
      Kind regards,

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