Stay in Code with Light Meters

Digi-Sense™ Data Logging Light Meter with NIST Traceable Calibration

Digi-Sense™ Data Logging Light Meter with NIST Traceable Calibration

A light meter will help you meet lighting codes and standards and ensure safety and quality control requirements. At the same time, it increases comfort levels and productivity. OSHA offers regulations for lighting of employee work areas, walkways, and exits, construction areas, warehouses, shipyards, and more. These guidelines establish minimum levels of illumination.

Light meters are also used in nurseries and greenhouses to assess light intensity for growing foliage and flowering plants. According to some sources, light is the key element affecting plants’ life cycles.

Of course, light meters are used to improve photography by determining an appropriate exposure. Cinematographers use light meters to capture a scene that is visually accurate and aesthetically pleasing.

A UV light meter measures ultraviolet light. In the lab, a UV light meter detects any remaining radiation from experimentation or that emitted during the manufacturing and printing processes. Some lab users conduct UV degradation studies for pharmaceutical, cosmetic, semiconductor, printing, forensic applications, and more with UV light meters.

Find out more about the features and functionality of light meters and how they can adjust to read light intensity. View our selection of light meters.

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