How Masterflex Tubing Pumps Meet the Challenge of Food Processors

Efficient fluid handling and flow control can be a challenge for food processors. They must maintain contamination-free flow and meet stringent product quality and safety requirements while also keeping production rates high. Minimal downtime is paramount.

FOOD_cakeMasterflex® peristaltic pumps can provide the solution. Whether it is the injection of vitamins or flavor concentrates, or the transfer of thick molasses or solid particles such as vegetable pieces and bone particulates, Masterflex pumps stand up to the challenge. These versatile, high-performance pumps are designed to handle a wide range of food processing applications—from pumping shear sensitive products to highly viscous material transfer—while continuously providing accurate and contamination-free flow control.

Masterflex pumps never need to be cleaned or serviced between production changeouts because the material is always contained within the pump’s flexible tubing. Changing out the tubing is a simple procedure that takes less than a minute. A wide range of tubing materials is available for commercial food processing applications to meet USP, FEA, NSF, and 3A requirements.

A Sample of Food Processing Applications for Masterflex Pumps:

  • Pumping pizza or pasta sauce
  • Dispensing flavorings with pulp
  • Pumping syrups to cooker
  • Pumping icing for pastries
  • Transferring potato chip waste slurry
  • Cooking oil recovery
  • Transferring fish and shrimp
  • Sap sucking (for maple syrup)
  • Pumping sucrose gradient
  • Pumping preservatives
  • Transferring raw fruit pieces
  • Pumping slurry with bone particulates
  • Pumping concentrated salt slurry

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