Three Reasons to Use a Dehumidifier

A dehumidifier enables workers in laboratories, offices, libraries, control rooms, universities, R&D, storage rooms, museums, and quality control areas to better control their environment.

Compact Digital Dehumidifier

Compact Digital Dehumidifier

Specifically, dehumidifiers:

  • Help regulate humidity levels
  • Protect documents, equipment, and critical instruments from moisture that will possibly damage them
  • Prevent the potential growth of mildew, mold, and bacteria which can flourish in excess moisture

A room dehumidifier can operate at room temperatures down to 36°F (2.2°C) for year-round use. Humidity levels can be set at 50%, 60%, or 70%. When constant dehumidification is required, a continuous operation mode overrides the humidity level settings. Portable units add convenience and many units run quietly and offer automatic shut-off capabilities.

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3 Comments on "Three Reasons to Use a Dehumidifier"

  1. My working place, actually a lab room, which has many computers, now is quite humid. Which one is best for 30 sq.ft with electronics equipment? Thanks for great info.

    • It really depends on your requested humidity levels. If you are using it continuously, you will need to have a floor drain so you could attach the drainage hose so you don’t have to manually dispose of the water. If you use it continuously and don’t have a drain, you would then have to manually dispense the water. If you forget and the bucket becomes full, the dehumidifier will automatically shut down.

      If you are using it continuously without a drain, I would recommend a larger capacity dehumidifier (such as 37701-21) as you won’t have to dispose of the water as much. If you have a drain than the 30 pint (37701-01) would work fine.

  2. Dehumidifiers are indeed very crucial in the houses in humid climate. These are especially beneficial to older people or very young kids preventing them to get encountered allergies or asthma. It was a clearly written blog with several main benefits of dehumidifiers. Keep it up.

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