What’s Sense-ible? Five New Technologies from Digi-Sense

From thermometers to tachometers, Digi-Sense expands its line of accurate, reliable, and durable instruments—many available precalibrated to save you time and cost. Take a look at the following:

Operate with just one hand! 

Pocket Moisture Meter

Rugged meter measures moisture level in wood products (sawn timber, cardboard, and paper) and hardened materials (plaster, concrete, and mortar). Precalibrated and ready to use!

For fast and accurate responses

Digital Pocket Thermometers

Get years of reliable service with these handy temperature measurement instruments. Select from pen-style, large head, and folding-probe models. Precalibrated and ready to use!

Gauge humidity levels for greater indoor comfort

Humidity and Temperature IndicatorsDigi-Sense-Precalibrated-Humidity-and-Temperature-Indicator

 Assess comfort level of your environment with unique comfort indicator symbol that displays comfortable, wet (high humidity), or dry (low humidity). Read temperature, humidity, and time on easy-viewing digital thermohygrometer display. Precalibrated and ready to use!

Get better viewing of hard-to-reach places

See into hard-to-reach areas with flexible camera-tipped probe. View inspected area on bright LCD monitor. Adjustable LED light on camera illuminates dimly-lit spaces or adjusts down when viewing reflective surfaces to eliminate washout. Select from borescope or video borescope.

Eliminate costly repairs by ensuring equipment is operating well

Digital Contact/Photo Tachometer

 Get quick and accurate measurements on rpm and surface speeds for fans, motors, turbines, gears, conveyors, rollers, shafts and cams, spindles, and more. Ideal for predictive and preventative maintenance—reducing the expense of downtime and repairs! Precalibrated and ready to use!

View the full selection of Digi-Sense instruments.

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