Is it Fitting? 4 Types of Barbed Fittings

barbed fittingsPVDF Barbed Y Connector, 3/8" ID, 1/4", 2-3/8", 1-3/4"; Pack Of 10

Defeat leaks and flow restrictions with barbed fittings in your pump systems. Place these fittings into flexible tubing. The tubing relaxes behind the barb to produce a seal that will typically contain pressures up to 30 psi. When the fit is secure, you eliminate costly downtime in your processes.

Types of Barbed Fittings

Select from barbed fittings in multiple configurations and a variety of materials. The chemical compatibility database can help you choose the fitting material most compatible for your process.

Here are types of barbed fittings configurations to choose:

  • Barbed to barbed, including crosses, elbows, plus, T connectors, reducing T connectors, straight connectors, reducing connectors, and Y connectors in various materials
  • Barbed to threaded adaptors convert between threaded ports and flexible tubing
  • Antimicrobial protected tube fittings feature a natural silver(Ag)-protected surface (not temperature-sensitive) and flow path to inhibit microbe growth
  • Barbed straight quick-disconnect couplers to easily make and break tubing connections

Barbed fitting kits are also available, offering the ability to sample various styles and sizes of connectors.


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