Agitate Your Samples with Shaking Water Baths

Shaking water baths

Maintain a constant temperature while agitating your samples with Stuart shaking water baths. Shaking water baths are used in testing for food and beverages, materials, and corrosions as well as bacterial culturing, molecular biology assays, and more.

Set your own speed and/or frequency of shaking for greater control. While many shaking water baths offer similar functionality, specific features can make them more versatile for use in your laboratory.

Features to look for in a shaking water bath:

  • Separate shaking platform and bath to use each as needed
  • Slow-start reciprocating motion to minimize sample shock
  • Dual-action for orbital or reciprocal motions
  • Temperature setting storage for easy recall
  • Timer for automatic shut-off
  • Some models offer a PID controller for temperature regulation and stability
  • Digital units may include a display with preset time, continuous run, rpm, and temperature


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